Any Results from MAG-10 and either Meltdown or Fat-to-Fire?

I’ve seen quite a few people post that they were going to combine either Meltdown or Fat-to-Fire workouts with MAG-10, and I was wondering what kinds of results people were getting? Also, for those who did, did you use a high-carb diet to maximize MAG-10 efficacy? Thanks.

I was on a moderate low calorie diet (D’ont Diet) with Meltdown Training and added Mag-10 after 2 weeks. The results with Mag-10 were similar to the weeks before. So I’d suggest, you either bulk with Mag-10 or you use Mag-10 on a very low calorie diet. IMHO, you will profit more.
I have to say that I used Mag-10 for bulking with great success! So I will save my last bottle for another bulking cycle and not for cutting.

excellent material provided METRO! thank you, Im doing meltdown training as well with moderate cals… two days so far and I enjoy it. I was planning on using MAG-10 on weeks 3 and 4 with moderate cals. Im also incorporating arms before the Meltdown. I think I’ll skip the Mag 10 after your post though. thanks metro.