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Any Reports on Curcumin 500?


Just ordered this supplement to try out. I'm hoping it helps with my arthritis. Any anecdotes?


Just received mine this past week and have been taking 4 a day with my Flameout and regular fish oils. I'll let ya know when I notice anything. I'm sure it's not instant 'Wow, I feel all better!'.

Everything I've read on fish oils (from medical texts, not from Bodybuilding sources) states that they take a while to actually see any anti-inflammatory effects (I want to say up to 12 weeks, which sounds like a lot, so I could be completely wrong in the number I'm thinking of! -lol)



I find it eases my piriformis syndrome. Will comment more after a couple of weeks.


Last week I took two after my workouts and two with dinner and it noticeably eased my back pain. Now I just take after my workout and one with dinner. If I have any more pain spring up, I will up the dosage accordingly. I am pleased so far with the product, to say the least.


Seems to be helping the arthritis in my elbow. Ive no cartilage in it either. Ive been taking it since the day prior to the release. Dont remember what day that was. A Week or so ago?



I've been taking it for a week, and this was the first day that my inflamed forearm felt noticeably better. Of course I took it very easy with just a few sets of bicep curls (and was very thankful that I've still been able to train back pretty hard). We'll see how it's feeling in another week's time.



Just got mine- had the same deal with the yellow powder as some have mentioned. I'm recovering from surgery and am implementing this in a "heal-faster" trifecta (Flameout, Superfood, Curcumin)


I think you will notice that you will heal pretty fast, I took those same supps minus the Superfood, and I was shocked. I grew back tissue at a rate of almost double what my doc told me is normal.


I have been taking it at night since this past last friday and where usually I have a very hard time finding that "sweet" spot to lay I am finding it easier. I have bad arthritis in my knee's that usually gave me issues with falling asleep. I think this is easing the discomfort enough to make it better.

Mind you I take no pain pills on a daily basis to help with this. All things like Aleve, Tylenol and Advil do for me are give me stomach discomfort and make my mouth break out in sores. Thus far none of these symptoms have occurred with Curcumin.

So far I am happy with it... Even if it is just a placebo effect for me


it's dang impressive. went to the doc for check up #1 and he was shocked. if checkup #2 shows as much progress he'll give me a medical ok and i can go back serving a mission. thank you Biotest! last time i recovered from much the same surgery it took about 3 months. this time? 3 weeks.


I ordered some along with a couple bottles of Flameout, hope it helps my elbow tendonitis. I am also icing it, just got a foam roller, take a glucosamine product and ordered an ultrasound device too.


I've been having constant knee pain because I keep screwing up when I lunge. Doing things like climbing stairs or walking up inclines would cause me minor knee pain, and it hurt pretty bad to even do a simple bodyweight lunge. I figured out what I was doing wrong and fixed it weeks ago, but still, the pain remained.

Along with megadosing on Flameout, eight Curcumin caps later, I have no knee pain whatsoever. I've gone back to my beloved good morning -> reverse lunges without any pain at all.

I <3 you Biotest.


anybody have knee pain and use this product? If so does it help any?


Anybody have nausea or major burning sensation from the bioperine?



I had a small injury at my right foot since 3 weeks, and it seemed to never go away.
I am already taking 6 caps per day of Flameout, which helps a lot for my right knee inflammation (which doesn't happen anymore since on Flameout).

After two days of taking Curcumin in addition to Flameout, just 2 caps (one in the morning, and one before bed), the foot inflammation gone away completely.

For me Flameout and Curcumin are staple supplements for health.



See my above post.

Nope. Nothing but pain-free goodness.


Where did the product go? It's like every evidence is deleted? I wanted to buy some due to some nagging injuries.


I just called them to check, and apparently it's out. Biotest.net still shows it as in stock. Either way, the guy on the phone said that they'll be back in stock in 3-4 weeks.

I first saw this thread and thought that they got some trouble from the FDA. Curcumin 500 is a COX-2 inhibiting NSAID, and most of the other drugs of that class are prescription only, like Celebrex, Bextra, and Vioxx. Of those 3, Bextra and Vioxx have been withdrawn from the market due to pressure from the FDA, because of the perceived risk vs. benefit being too high, although there were few reported instances of serious side effects from Bextra or Vioxx.

I don't know if Curcumin 500 really is just innocently out of stock, or if Biotest has to square off with the FDA for now. Either way, I'm hoping my stock will last until they bring it back.


That's wierd. I was going to say that though I wasn't expecting any pain relief out of it and I was simply taking it for long term benefits, it actually seemed to help relieve inflamation in my knee for a few hours after taking it.

I've never seen such a short life cycle on a product here before. Normally I would guess that they were just reformulating it to add something else, but a quick google returned the following:


If the FDA attempted to reclassify turmeric as a regulated substance all the Indians would go on strike and your internet would stop working.