Any Recommendations for Asthma?

Anyone know of any products that help with asthma?



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Keto diets have helped mine significantly more specifically Natural hormonal enhancement by Rob faigan-sp you can get it at dragondoor. Diet is the most important factor after that stress, then mental attitude. I have had it from birth. I have learned many different ways of dealing with it diet I have found to be the best. If I had it to do again I would not have taken steriod inhalers to help it as the backlash of your body is scary from that shit. I would also say you need to take lots of anti-oxitants. I had a great article on this from the internet that gives a great health cocktail and it seems to work for me. Is yours excercise induced or allergy induced? Have you tried cutting out dairy of all sorts?

Thanks guys, this is for my girlfriend not me. i will follow up with her and find out.

A couple studys i saw a year or two ago proved that vit c (2/4 grams i think) helped people with exercise induced asthma. Also during conditioning in cold weather breathe through a facemask, this helps a lot in New England winters

There is a wonderful drug caled cromyln sodium which when inhaled prevents exercised induced asthma attacks.

if you can, get your hands on some dymetadrine 25. you will run like yankee.

Diet, exercise, and deep breathing techniques. I can’t remember where i read about the breathing but for exercise induced asthmatics they really need to focus on HOLDING their breath and releasing it very slowly when they feel an attack coming on. Ithink this post may have been somewhere over on Pavels site.

This protocol will work wonders. Vitamins and Supplements Rooted in Science - Life Extension hopefully the link will be allowed.