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Any recipes for a low carb shake?

Help! I’m doing FF with some real food and I just can’t take tablespoons of flax oil! Coming up with a decent shake wouldn’t be as hard if I could use milk, but that’s kind of a no-no. I’m thinking of natural peanut butter, flax, Grow … maybe some cottage cheese! If anyone knows a decent recipe, I’d appreciate it!

Chocolate Casein powder, 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, one of cod liver oil. It’s also Ok with peannut butter.

I add those pasteurized egg whites to protein powder and water. You get the same mouth feel as if it was mixed with milk. Also Orange Metamucil and vanilla protein powder tastes like a creamsicle as long as you don’t add too much metamucil. That stuff really thickens a shake in a hurry. 3/4 of a cup of blueberies has 19 grams of carbs and lots of antioxidents so it’s not a bad thing to add. I put mine in still frozen and blend away. Cottage cheese is a good thing to put in because of the thickening and it has casein which we all know is good. Cinnamon is a good flavoring agent too. Play around, I’d skip anchovies or sardines. Beef jerky would be tough on the blender…use common sense…:slight_smile:

See the T-mag article called “Shake It Up” for some low carb shake recipes.

I like for my protein drinks to be like a milk shake, thick and rich. So I use isopure protein, with 8oz of cold water, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and 2 tablespoons of sugar free dry pudding mix. The pudding mix makes the shake thick and rich. Then refrigerate it for about 20-30 minutes.

I’m on my second/final week of fatfast, and add protein, water and MCT oil and shake it up. This diet isn’t supposed to be ‘nice’ so I bite and lip and throw down whatever I have too, during this time. I’m slowly phasing carbs back in on Saturday…can’t wait.

I ran out of flax, so I used almonds for fats for two of my fats today. Going back to flax tomorrow though. Yo rowbie how’d the FF go? I’m on day 5 of a 14-day myself.

Due to circumstances in my living arrangements/schedule for the next 5 weeks, I have decided that FF would be the best way for me to lose fat and preserve muscle at the same time. Has anyone done over a month on fat fast? Will it wreck my metabolism for a significant amount of time?

i’m also doing a 14 day fat fast. this is day two for me. I’m using methoxy 7 and the old T2. I’m also going with 4 meals being food and 2 shakes.

rowbie...how much did you lose on the FF and what supps were you using? I'd love to hear how you're phasing carbs back into your diet because i'm not exactly sure what would be good.

shaan...how's it goin' for you? give up some info! :)

jane...type in fat fast in the search engine. "The Fat Fast Support Group" should answer most of you questions.

Thanks for all the great ideas. TEK - I’d already read Shake It Up! and I completely missed the P+F shake recipe. I’m conducting taste tests over the next few days to see which I like the best. The biggest problem I see is all the ancillary carbs/sugars that in things like natural peanut butter and cottage cheese that really add up if you are not careful. Oh, just a small piece of advice for you guys planning to FF. Lots of people have recommended at least a few days of low carb eating before plunging into the fat fast. In my case, I’m doing a week of only slightly isocaloric keto … anywhere from maintenance to 500 below maintenance on a given day. I’m also trying to load up on clean sources of protein and fat - i.e. salmon, tuna, eggs and egg whites, etc. This is my first time giving FF a serious go - I’m pulling for six weeks! Good luck! Slainte!