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Any Reason to Raise My Estrogen When Ratio Sucks?

Im a trt patient for 2 years. Im 45. No Ai. Started out with 400T and 7 e2. At the moment, Im at 1000T and 29 e2.

I know many people disagree on the E being good or what the "perfect " level is and I happen to not be afraid of estrogen after a lot of reading. My doc said I have perfect e2. Using the calculation of TT/e2 I end up at 34, when Ive read that between 15-25 is ideal.

I know its subjective and a lot of it is based on whether you feel good or not. I honestly dont know. its winter and life is depressing, so 1 point for feel like shit. Are you moody? Always, Ive always been very emo empath, even with my 7 e2 level. That hasn’t changed. On the other hand, Im successful in a few important areas. The biggest one being a very strong primary relationship with a super sexy partner of 20 years. Daily, twice daily sex and some solo sex in there so libido is always on, even my schwanz is not feeling it per se.

I was just reading some threads here as Im about to do a 2nd blast w 600mg Test cypionate solo for 12 weeks. I was just reading an article about low e2 symptoms and checked many of the boxes, cracking joints, hot flashes, higher ldl and wondering of my e2 were a little higher, would any of this improve? Theoretical question as IO know that an answer for me personally doesnt exist, especially with the small input.

I am setting to blast so I wont do anything weird now but it got me thinking if something like Dong quai which is known for helping women when the e2 levels drop at the time of the month. It seems to work well for my wife, perhaps placebo but I think there are studies on it.

Any of you guys who aren’t afraid of estrogen think a mild raising if possible could be beneficial for how I feel/long term health. I know it would be almost impossible to check via bloods but dabbling at a later date could maybe be feel-able?

I guess perhaps Im kinda lucky to have low E2 vs having to fight it down and hold fat easier and some of the other issues but, perhaps I’m not and I feel like shit but, that’s my baseline.

Former functional alcoholic, no drinks for 4 years, vegan for most of the last 25 years, lifted off and on for those 25 years, used to be an avid cyclist 150mi a week. Now I eat real food, tons of tofu(so much for the soy raising e2)and grains and veg and fruits and lots of sprouted grains.

I am and have always been a soyboy, soyman, who enjoys working out and shooting guns. Didnt mean to end up an anomaly whose asking about supplementing e2 on a trt forum but, I have a great deal invested in not feeling like shit and Ive sen how the anecdotal science has changed over the years on these things.

TRT has been life changing and like an upgrade, I put a nice gym in my house and have completely changed my body composition but I cant help but feel that this is a lifelong not only commitment but subjective learning experience and improvement.

Also due to reading this forum when I first started I didnt atke the ai that I was prescribed. That seems to have been very important.

Vegan emo soyboy who shoots guns and gets Chad amounts of sex. Man, you march to your own beat, I’ll say that. You’d be interesting to have a beer with, if only you still drank beer.

As far as low e2, and what low even means, that’s got to be by feel. If you’re still feeling symptoms of being low at 29 then talk to your doctor about supplementing with some estradiol. I know a few people who have had to do that as they had single digit numbers while on trt. You could also try hcg first as that will bump e2 up a little bit. If it’s within your capacity to do so I would advise getting blood work midway through your blast. I’d be curious to see how much the ratio changes (if at all) while on high test.

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Worth a shot. Could shoot for the 50-60pg range and see if you feel any better. If not, just go back down

I honestly don’t know what he’s even saying