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Any Reason to Inject Winny 100mg per Week?


Is there any reason or a man to be taking 100mg in one shot a week? Also taking 250mg of test per week, also in one shot?

The only thing I could think of is you will save a ton of money? or something to do with cycling levels to keep the body guessing?

This isn’t my advice but a friend is receiving this advice but I try not to step on toes with out info.


well, 100mg winny per week is an absurdly small dose. That’s like 15mg/day. Aside from the fact that its half life is way too short, that wouldn’t be a high enough dose to be effective anyway.

The test is a completely different matter. Yes, 250 test once per week is fine. That’s exactly what I run when I cruise. I only inject once per week no matter what I’m running, and just run long esters. Why were you concerned about this? It’s not really unusual in the least.

For as much as you post, the fact that you have to ask these questions is very concerning. They’re very very basic.


The test I am fine with, a friend of mine has the worst personal trainer who gives him his Roid cycles. His personal trainer is huge though so I thought he had to have some idea how to do stuff.

Also, I have already annoyed my friend with information (obviously contrary to his personal trainers advice) so before I brought up how dumb I thought injecting winny 100mg once per week was I would ask people more in the know.

I did ask him why and his trainer said something like to help his body not have to fight off so many toxins.

Which made me wonder why didnt he think of Masteron? And then I left it at that.


Winny at 100mg per day would be far more common than 100 per week. It’s just so far off from what one would expect.


I run 100mg Primo per week. I have been for months.

Only cycled with orals twice. But, even then, I’m not at a plateau in my training after beginning TRT (125mg t-e and 25mg t-p) either.

Like flip said, 100mg per week of winny (and Primo) is insanely low. But, if I’m benefiting from it, and it’s not damaging my body (labs etc.), then why not? It definitely will do more than adding in an extra whey shake; you don’t see too many complaining to do that at the gym’s juice bar.


Even long esters of test, its preferable to do it more often. No way, even when I cruise, I would do 1 pin per week. This is for lazy ones… more sides, more peaks (high and low), A HORMONAL MESS… even enan, cyp, even undecylenate you should do 2 to 3 shots per week for more stable blood levels… 100mg Winny per week for a little girl, humm… would be small ok dose if split… testosterone 250mg per week is OK, I don’t agree with the 1 shot per week protocol, no matter what esters… he should split this 250mg 3x shots per week…


Yeah im going to break up my 600 mg test enathate into two 300 mg shots. As ive seen alot of guys in the know do, even with long ester.

100mg winny is not much per week why not save it up and do at end of cycle , also winny of its real is orally active. I had to do this when my winny could only be pulled out with 18 gauge. I just calculate how much mg and drink a little ed .

Dont want to here im lazy i used to pin 5ml eod.
A friend of mine got 10 omnidren amps , thought it was like sustanon, did one amp a week even though i told him omnidren is fast acting test eod, he didn’t listen. Didn’t get shit out of cycle , but it managed to shut him down, and give him gyno.

So wait until youre freind can do around 30mg a day pretty simple . Not much but will top off a strength cycle, and harden up a little