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Any Reason Someone Would Need HCG for TRT to Be Successful?

Is there any reason that some men would NEED hcg to be successful on a TRT program? Like is there a subgroup of men that absolutely would need it to be sucessful in all areas (libido, erections and penile blood flow, energy, mood, etc) and why?

I have seen people say they have better sensitivity, libido, etc. while on it (albeit usually at small doses).

My opinion is it’s probably the extra e2 that they need but who knows. Some of those guys might be just as well off with a higher T dose, it’s so subjective it’s hard to say for sure

Yep, I think this is why some feel better for HCG. I personally erroneously thought I did better on HCG doses - kept raising the HCG as I felt better but couldn’t handle 2x week injections without feeling off sometimes. The reality is I needed more T and thus more E2.

The other benefit is your balls will be full and hanging right away. With T injections you will have testicular atrophy and they’ll likely stay high (not hanging) for a while, but they go back to hanging over time. I’m strictly on T injections and they’re hanging most the time. I’ve even changed my protocol from 150mg to 200mg a week ago and they’re still hanging, with the exception of one time I noticed them high up. Not a big deal as I’m feeling even better so far.

There appears to be a mix of opinions and experience in multiple forums I’ve participated in over the years. Some have good experiences (like myself), other report not so good experiences. You probably need to try it to figure out which camp you fall in.

The main benefits that I see are:

  • Normalization of testicular size. I have small (though full functional) testicles to begin with and when I don’t use HCG, there shrink up to the size of a large almond (really).

  • Normalization of ejaculate volume. Many guys report that without HCG, their volume decreases and, as we all know, the pleasure felt during ejaculation is often proportional to the volume. The theory behind why this occurs is that the seminal vesicles, which produce the largest fraction of the ejaculate, has both androgen and LH receptors. HCG stimulates the HCG receptors and also increases local concentrations of T within the genitals, both affect functioning of the seminal vesicles.

  • There is another camp (though I don’t belong in it) that believes that HCG is needed to stimulate production of precursors to the steroid synthesis cascade, namely DHEA and Pregnenolone. They theorize that by replacing the lost LH signal, you back fill these pathways and that will result in improved health and well being. Perhaps that my be so, but these two precursor hormones are easily and inexpensively obtained in oral supplements, so why not just pop a pill if that is your goal?

My dhea levels are still pretty normal in the high 200s or so normally.

I am taking 70mg twice per week cyp and still not getting any of the benefits of trt. Libido is gone. Estrogen control drugs make me feel worse. With the addition of HCG to this protocol my e2 is in the 60s and t is 1100-1200.

HCG seems to add a little mood benefit and blood flow/libido to the genitals but it’s certainly not a total cure for the lack of benefits. I don’t want to have to take it, especially if the only benefits are coming from higher e2.

And if everyone is saying it’s not necessary, am I just one of those guys that need 200 a week? I want to keep things simple if I can but if HCG is necessary I’ll have to take it.

I see @highpull saying most guys do fine on one shot of 200mg a week. Maybe trying that will raise my e2 high enough to get the benefits while keeping my t numbers high? There’s no reason I am some outlier that would NEED HCG right?

Correct. I’m not sure I know of anyone who needs it to feel good.

That is also correct.

Would you recommend I just move to one 200mg shot per week? Thanks.

I would.

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