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Any reason not to continue T-Dawg past 4wk?

I’m wrapping up the 4th week of T-Dawg 2 tonight! I’m extremely happy with the results - i lost 10 lbs and according to my EDT logs, actually gained quite a bit of muscle.

I’m planning to continue for at least another month, but i thought it would be a good idea to check with everyone here first and see if there is any reason why i shouldn’t stick with it for this long?

Hi, there, d!abolic. Just keep on keeping on. The only reason to stop something that’s working is if you achieve your goal – or if you were to change your goals. T-Dawg is not an extreme diet. It’s actually a healthy way of eating as a lifestyle.

Im on my fifth week on T-Dawg, and I could honestly go on with it forever, its no pain at all. The only aspect of it which bug me the least is the fact that I cant eat fruit (and have to go easy on the veggies). Apart from that, T-Dawg rules the world. Im down in one-digit BF for the first time ever, and I aint planning on stopping there!

Hey Squatman, I’m on T-Dawg 2, and I ain’t going easy on the veggies at all. I buy the big bags of frozen mixed veggies and one full cup has only 3 grams of carbs after you subtract the fiber. Don’t forget to subtract the fiber grams like I did the first day!

And d!, do as Tampa-Terry says and keep on keepin’ on.