Any Reason for Trap Bar if My Goal is a Big Barbell Deadlift?

I would guess they’d be good as a supplemental variant if I am feeling worn down and need time to recover from the stress of regular deadlifts.

Does a trap bar’s additional focus on leg drive transfer to leg drive on a regular deadlift?

I think trying to supplement your BB deadlift with trap bar deads in this scenario is just going to further delay the next time you can do your BB deadlift.

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I do feel like trap bar deads helped my conventional, but if I was chasing a big conventional specifically, I would stick with that.

If you can get strong af on the trap bar, your body still got stronger. I personally think the overloading you can do with a trap bar does help get your body used to handling some heavier weight. I made “me” stronger, so that in turn the stronger me could go and apply that strength to conventional deadlifts. It definitely has carryover, but it also trains a little differently, and the form is night and day different. If I were powerlifting, maybe run some trap bar deadlifts for a training block or two as a main movement to just train the body, but the specificity of conventional deadlifts definitely demands you practice them individually.

TLDR: do trap bar deads on their own for a few training blocks, can give a great training stimulus in a different way than regular, but at the end of the day, you will want to deadlift conventionally if your goal is a bit conventional deadlift