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Any Real Reason to Change Movements?

Is there any solid reason to change movements if you are happy with progress and not having any pain?

I train at home and found a few movements that “feel” good
I cover all the basic movement patterns (pretty much one exercise per pattern)
I dont compete and mainly train to look good, feel good and be healthy
I am 49

My two friends (who train more seriously than I do) said not changing exercises will lead to structural imbalances and eventually I will “non respond” because my body will adapt to the movement patterns.

Has anyone dealt with this? or heard of it?

Your friends are talking bollocks, it’s possible to train your whole life using just a handful of basic exercises and be perfectly fine.


Not really, those 2 elements would have been my points, but you’re fine with them.

Optimisation of muscle angles covered maybe, the 5% difference…


Talk about a half truth getting in the way of a good thing.

Whats working now will not work forever and might not work ever again. However - if its not broke don’t fix it.


You guys echo my thoughts.


In fact, I’d say that after a certain point, that’s the holy grail.

I’ve slayed all of the dragons I intend on slaying and really just want to be in good shape, maybe a little stronger than most, and move well.


I think the problems your friends were talking about would be more likely if you were doing moves that didn’t feel so great, or that you didn’t make progress on. Like if you were dead set on doing some competition moves that didn’t suit your body so well.

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That’s my philosophy as well
I turn 50 in August and if I can keep the same body from now until I turn 70 with no pain and same level of mobility I’d be happy!

If u have enough “good” movements that you can’t squeeze them all in during a block rotating isn’t a bad idea. Experimenting a bit isn’t either because u can always come back to stuff you know that works well. Don’t need to by any means

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