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Any Real Gyms in Kansas City?


I'm really frusrated by the local gym scene in Kansas City. I currently lift at a shitty 24 hr. fitness. They have one cage, no place to deadlift or do the oly lifts, no chalk, etc. Does anyone know of someplace around Kansas City(willing to drive) that is PL/OL friendly?


Look Here ---> www.powerliftingwatch.com/node/4420

Just search your state and it should show any powerlifting friendly gyms near you.


i'm lookin for a better gym too. i'm off about state line and 103rd. and yea 24 hour sucks...haha


Go to this site and ask around. Didn't you know we are at the center of Strongman? South of KC (in Belton) there is the the Hangar. Literally a hangar with a large amount of equipment. It is a key gym. 1-0-7 Barbell is pretty active here as well.


Good luck!


Thanks for the responses guys. Checked powerlifting watch and couldn't find anything. Hopefully the Belton gym pans out.


I lived in Gardener for a summer and lifted at Gold's gym in Olathe (or maybe it was Overland Park). Met some competition level guys there, seemed to have everything I need.


There is also a group that trains out of a storage facility, Society of Stregth, website www.sostrength.com Al Caslow recently set (and reset) the APF squat world record at 168, I think 820 lbs.


Thanks for the suggestions but it seems like the only good gyms around here are invite only. It's ok though, I suppose I can get stronger just about anywhere.



Both 1-0-7 and Society of Strength are great places and you won't meet a better group of guys. All willing to help anyone that wants to get stronger. Seriously, when I chose to get into powerlifting and strongman I was overwhelmed by how friendly and helpful everyone was/is. We gave you both of the websites, have you gone there and asked?

Now for a little tough love/challenge...if you trully are a person that gives up this easily then I would definitely recommend you do go ahead and join a fitness center. As a member of one of these two crews you will be expected to listen, help out, work hard, and contribute. No one will view inexperience or being weaker than them a sin...the sin is choosing to stay that way. Good luck either way.


the guys at 1-0-7 are pretty active in the PL section on this site:



Guys I'm at Element fitness on Quivera road in Shawnee. I don't know if that's too long a drive for you but I like it. I am training for the nationals.

They have 1 rack, db's up to 140. No chains or bands, etc. And the truth is not a lot of strong guys there but I can go in, get my work done and get out without a lot of hassle. I've been there for a few years now and like it. I wish we had more guys who squatted and pulled but that doesn't really have anything to do with my own training. I get chalk everywhere, no one cares. I run people out of the rack for curling too. Anyway, I train there on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. You can't miss me for the most part. I'm the only guy in the rack squatting and pulling on Tuesday and Saturday.


Not sure if any of you guys are still around but feel free to call me if you would like to come try us out.

We've got all the pl toys you could ever want and are adding back in strongman toys as i type this.

Ben Moore
1-0-7 Barbell Founder


Someone already mentioned it but there is a Gold's Gym in Overland Park (I think, close to there). You can find it on the internet somehow. I'm living in Lawrence right now lifting at KU's rec center (student there) and I plan on joining Gold's Gym when I graduate.



There's a Gold's in Merriam and Olathe. I train at the one in Olathe and like it for the most part. They have a couple of deadlifting bars and a cambered bar. I'm the only one there who does any sort of powerlifting, but a few competitive bodybuilders have ventured in and out of the place.


Again - feel free to contact us if you are interested in getting stronger. We're looking at a new space very soon and will keep everyone updated on our progress.

Ben Moore
1-0-7 Barbell Founder


I'm Kansas City and there are no REAL powerlifting style gyms in the area. There is a garage gym called society of strength. But I think (not sure) you have to be invited in. I do a lot of training in my basement actually, but have actually contemplated opening a warehouse gym around here because there are no really great gyms in this area IMO.


There's also Olympic Iron in Lawrence, Kansas. They cater more to the powerlifting/olympic lifting crowd so you'd probably fit right in it sounds like.