Any Real Difference with Pinning Frequencies?

I’ve pinned once every 7. Once every 5. Once every 4 and just on mon/fri. I’m guessing every 7 isn’t optimal and am curious if there is any real difference between mon fri or every (3,4,5).

That is pretty much solely dependent on the compounds you’re pinning.

I changed for ED to e6d and there is no difference as far as I can tell. Some guys are sensitive to changes. Others are like me and don’t notice.

Sorry for not specifying. Test cyp. Only.

I assumed that was what you meant based on your other threads, but we all know what assuming does. I think I felt overall better by pinning my test C EOD (changed from 2x/wk), but to be fair, the entire cycle I also ran NPP at the same frequency. I do believe all of my test related sides I get at higher doses were largely mitigated by running at this frequency though. It just sucks pinning so often. Plus, you lose more in the dead space of the syringe/needle by pinning more frequently. It’s not much that you lose, but it certainly adds up over time.

That’s my 2 cents.

Can you explain more on this, especially with using Test C. Are you talking about TrT or cycles? Do you get high E2 easily? What about high SHBG? The EOD routine with Test C doesnt make sense to me with Test C having a half life of 7days. I have been running 200mgs Test a week, 100mgs every 3.5 days for the last 2 years. I felt a noticeable difference between 2x a week Vs one shot a week. I feel like I skip the peaks and valleys by going to a twice a week shot.

EDIT: Did you also switch to subQ or stay IM?

I blast and cruise year round. Though my blast isn’t what most would consider a blast. Just 400mg/week (200 test c every 4 days). I’ve never ran a ton (most being 600/week) and the main sides I’ve felt with at that high of a dose were the test flu and tiny balls. (Though it makes my dong look bigger lmao).
I have issues from the military so my mental state is a hard one to notice any peaks or dips. Never had gyno or too much water retention save for a puffy face. About week 4.5 I start my adex at .5mg every 3 or 4 days but I’m going to just drop that to .25 on shot days and see how I feel. Pinning eod sounds like a nightmare. I’ve never messed w sub q and have always just gone for the glute. (1 1/2 23ga).

When I cruise I run 100mg every 5 days. This is just because I’m under the impression that this is close to trt and that test levels don’t start dipping until the 5th day. Plus a vile lasting 3 months and some is very nice. Funny spending more on protein in a month than gear but I only use a tub a month anyways.

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I ran Test C EOD because I was already pinning NPP EOD I figured why not just do it all at once instead of using 2 different pinning schedules. When on TRT I just stick to E3.5D. I continued to pin IM. I think I do have a little bit of issue with high E2 and I should bumped up my AI during my last cycle. I didn’t nearly as much acne or ED issues while using a less amount of AI when pinning EOD, and water retention was almost non-existent, but I think that is partially diet related as well.