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Any Progress?


1st post,avid T-Nation reader.

Been lifting for two years now,no supplements, picture below is when I first started.

Started with just bicep curls and flat bench and instantly loved it, only about a year ago I began to get serious about training and began to understand the science behind everything,and the importance of the squat and deadlift.

stats for when I first started:
Height- 5 foot 10 inch
Weight- 120 pounds
arms- 11 inches

curl- about 60
bench- 100
squat- 135
deadlift- 135
overhead press- 80


Lets see you now.


Current stats:
Height- 6 foot
Weight- 170 pounds
arms- 15 inch

curl: 135
bench: 260
squat: 370
deadlift: 400(only have 400 at my home gym)
overhead press: 170




Despite the fact that I think it’s obvious and you’re fishing for compliments:

Absolutely! Looks like you’ve done a great job so far, keep it up. What are your goals and what are you looking to weigh in at eventually?

Bonus points for the Norma Jean poster and your pants now only being 1/8 way down your ass instead of 1/2 :-p

Throw in some pics of the wheels, although by your squat and dead numbers, they ought to be at least respectable.


hell yes, keep at it


any videos of the aforementioned lifts?

just sayin’


yup i find the lifts hard to believe but that second picture is extremely shitty and out of focus


I just started to get involved with the whole picture/video thing and interacting in the forums, ill try and get some videos of my lifts up.

I want to stay under 200 pounds and move some good weight.

goals are to bench 300 by the end of summer and have my six pack show through, thinking about buying some creatine.


Impressive lifts for your height/weight


You also grew 2 inches in that time frame so you damn well have better put on some serious weight as well.

Why do you want to stay under 200lbs?


Your the first person to write their max down for curls I think. But overall good work.


Just curious as to whether those are your max out numbers? Great job overall!


Hmm, curl = 135, with 15" arms??? I hate to be a doubter, but that’s a lot of weight; I can barely curl that! Is that a strict lift?


Nope your still emo dude, sorry.


Get a haircut


yes I am obviously emo, because when I was sixteen I had long hair, as most people who are in their teen years do.

and apparently I did get a haircut seeing as how I don’t have long hair anymore, you people on here can be so ignorant sometimes, I posted this so I could talk about lifting weights and progression not argue with asinine individuals.

on a different, and smarter, note I would like to stay under 200 and still be able to move decent weight so my strength percentage is higher.

also 135 is not strict, very sloppy, i can curl 115 with near perfect form tho.


Sorry dude - I don’t buy your 1RM stories.


I’m having a hard time believing that 400lb DL with that back.

Whenever I think about this, I think of Eric Cressey because he can pull some shit, but he’s not very big at 178 if I recall.


well i guess im just a huge fucking liar then, even tho i have friends in football the same size as me squating 500 and benching over 300, i dont really give a fuck that all you people dont believe me because i KNOW what i can and cant do, you dont believe because you dont want to believe because im probably stronger than you, its ok im gonna get that.