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Any Program Changes with TRT?



Been awhile since I posted in here for questions and advice. The FSL in Beyond 5/3/1 has been a damn near perfect program for me as far as managing intensity and volume while at the same time increasing strength and work capacity, thanks!

I won't call this a question because from following your work the past few years I think I already know the answer but this past weekend I started TRT. I'm 34 and never experimented with AAS (no moral or ethical objections I just have a job that strongly frowns upon their use) so after starting this past weekend I feel pretty fucking great. I'm on a deload this week so I'm at a crossroads as far as continuing my training now that my hormonal system will be more optimized.

I'm pretty sure the answer is to just push the fuck out of the rep set even harder, add in more joker sets when feeling great and let the program eventually normalize itself with the 5lb and 10lb TM jumps. Just looking to see if there is any more advice for someone making that transition. Thanks!


Keep it as is - the WORST thing you you can do is a shit ton more. Think about this for a second. It will make sense if you give it a common sense approach.


Thanks! That’s what I figured. Like I said earlier the FSL (I usually do 5 sets of 5 reps of first work set) has been great and has helped me make consistent improvements while limiting overtraining and injury.

Any updates on the next training book or NOV book?


TRT at 34? Isn’t that unusually young to start? (I"m 30…)


I started at 33. Total test was 120-something before.

My brothers were low too. No gear use before.


It is kind of young but I have a history of concussions with boxing/kickboxing also Army stuff so it isn’t unprecedented


Everyone’s a little different, a year and a half ago I was over 1000 naturally. Some guys my age at work (34) are on TRT.