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Any Program Advice?


Back squat heavy
Work up to a 3RM
weeks 1-3: back squat
weeks 4-6: Box squat

Bench press moderate
Work up to a 5RM
weeks 1-3: OH press
weeks 4-6: incline press

Deadlift speed
10 x 1 at 50%

Rows: 5x5

Bench press heavy
Work up to a 3RM
Week 1-3: bench Press
Week 4-6: 2 board pres

Deadlift moderate
*Goodmorning or stiff leg up to a 5RM

Back squat speed
8 x 2 at 50% (with bands if available)

Shrugs: 5x5

Deadlift heavy
6 x 1 (heavy but not maximal)
Week 1-3: Deadlifts of 3in platform
week 4-6: pin pulls

Back squat moderate
work up to a 5RM
week 1-3: Zecher squats
week 4-6: front squats

Bench press speed
6 x 3 at 50% (with chains if available)

Pull-ups: 5x5

I also will end each day with some ab work and maybe some glute-ham raises.

here are some stats
age: 15
weight: 205
height: 5'8
Squat: 365
Bench: 245
Deadlift: 335

Goals-end of summer
Weight: 225
squat: 405
bench: 315


those are some impressive numbers for a 15-yr old...how long have you been lifting and how did you learn?


I've been lifting for 2 and a half years, i learned pretty much from my brother and stuff offline.


what are you training for exactly...a sport? your workouts look to be powerlifting-oriented...


DAMN! I wish I knew as much at age 15 as you do. I feel like I wasted so many years.

Your workout looks solid. You might want to add some shoulder pre-hab in there if you are not already doing so. You are doing a fair amount of pressing at a young age. This is necessary if you want to keep pressing into your 20's and 30's without shoulder problems. Read anything on the topic by Eric Cressey on this site. Best of luck and keep up the great work!



Also, you seem to be using a modified Westside periodization. Make sure you keep changing up the exercises every now and then. You probably shouldn't be barbell bench pressing three times a week. Try board presses, decline, dumbells, different grips, etc. The same goes for deadlifts and squats. Go to www.elitefts.com and read everything you can. You will see what I mean.



How many days of rest in between workouts?


Good question.


lift monday
off tuesday
lift wednesday
off thursday
lift friday
off saturday
off sunday

i'm traing for powerlifting


is that intentionally based on CT's auto-regulating thing?? If not, google 'Thibaudeau Canandian auto-regulating' and read his article. It's VERY similar to your programme and may give you some ideas how to tweak it.

It's also very similar to the approach I've been using recently with great success - I'm sure you wouldn't go far wrong doing it as you laid out.


Yeah, i just changed it around a little to fit some of my needs. how did that program work out for you? what type of increases did you have on your lifts?