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Any Probs w/Diet to Get Under 10%?


so im an ffb currently around 15% bf. looking to get under the 10's for once in my life. I am eating about 45% protein %45 fat, with 10% coming from carbs. I ingest two shakes 30 grams a piece before and after work out. Is there anything wrong with this macro breakdown?? I already know about expenditure and all that stuff, im just concerned with the macro break down. thanks


Worry about your calories then macros...that being said, those macros look fine.


I'm a FFB as well(my whole life up until 5 years ago). I bulked a little dirty over the winter so i was wanting to really cut some weight before the summer. I hit the V-Diet and went from 208 to 190. At that point i'm guessing i was around 10%. I then used basically the same macro breakdown to take my weight from 190 to 185 @ 8.5% bodyfat. My carbs tended to be a little closer to 15-20 percent, i could never get them any lower because with a high fat diet you have some incedental carbs....avacado's, nut's, etc. all have a little carbs. From my opinion you should have no issue reaching your goals with that Macro breakdwon...at least i didn't.

Good Luck


Exactly. In the end, for body comp a calorie is a calorie. As longs your protein is kept at least 0.8/lb, manipulating fats and carbs in the same caloric bracket doesn't really do much. Choose something you can stick with on minimal amounts.


How many calories would you say you eat in a day?


You say (or agree with) to worry about calories THEN macros.. but in the same breath you say AS LONG AS you make sure protein is 'xg/lb'! LOL

Also a calorie is not a calorie as far as body comp is concerned at all.. this was discussed recently and i had hoped it would be left alone for a couple of months more.

As you stated, protein is absolutely fundamental to improving body composition - meaning macro's need to be worried about first AND that for body comp a calorie is NOT a calorie.


If you aren't concerned with your calories first then you have nothing to base your macros off of. That being said, I agree all calories are not created equal:


However, calories are more important than macros no matter what your goals are permitting they're within a reasonable context i.e. NOT something like 5%p/5%c/90%f. I'm done typing though because I think we agree but are just coming at the same end point from a different side.



Basically - they are both important!

It is funny what we butt heads with..




I think it's obvious that when people say calories in bodybuilding, they don't mean protein. Otherwise they'd just say - add protein.


I'm eating 2700 cals a day..


No. That is BS actually.


I still fail to see why this thread exists.

If you are seeing results, then there is no problem with the diet 9for now), if not, then there is!

If you stop losing weight you drop calories by around 10% and make sure they are from an energy source.

It is impossible to say if something will work with just the information you gave - and by the time you gave all the information needed to accurately determine IF it MAY work for YOU, then you would already know.

Simple tests:

Scale weight
Girth measurements
Skinfold measurement (Calliper)


BS yourself. Protein is relatively constant. And when you're measuring your calories the first allotment is usually protein, which doesn't change much. The remainder are 'energy calories' which are the ones you get more playing around with.