Any Problems with the Following Stack...

I guess first I should tell you my goals. Overall it is to look good naked. Right now I am around 5 ft 10 around 210 pounds and I am 26 years old.

I would like to get down in weight to around 190 pounds to see how I feel / look there and base what I do from then on in off of that. I really would not like to weight more than 205. Much past 205 my joints start to hurt alot (bad arthritis in my knee’s)

I currently workout with strength training twice a week. O-Lifts one day and Dan John Complexes the other. I do some core training and cardio two of the days that I am not doing strength training. I am cleaning up my eating (following precision nutrition).

I am steadily getting into better habits with making my meals ahead of time and eating better. I’d say I am around 75 to 80% compliant now and by the end of the next week or two I will be 90% compliant, only “cheating” on the pre-planned days.

Anyway, to the point of the thread… I was thinking of using the following stack to help me progress through. First items I already use:

Low Carb Metabolic Drive

What I am thinking of purchasing and stacking:

HOT-ROX Extreme
Power Drive

Does anyone see any problems that can occur from mixing these supps? I was going to get the Carbolin 19 but saw that it is already in the HOT-ROX so it seems like a waste of money to also get that.

Thanks for any help that you can provide!

edit changed Rev-z to Rez-V obviously I need that Power Drive./edit

No problems with that. Just make sure you get your compliance to 90%+.

Thanks for the response. Diet is the most important part so I am concentrating on that. The supps I am hoping will assist in giving me a little quicker results to keep the momentum going.


I’ve been spelling it Rev-Z (Rev-Z) for the past two week. I need Power Drive like the kids in africa need food.