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Any Presses with Shoulder Separation?

I’ve had nagging discomfort in my left AC joint for some time. I believe using too wise a grip on bench pressing when I started back lifting about 17 months ago may have been the primary cause. Perhaps overhead pressing too. Gave up pressing a couple months ago. It was less noticeable but still there still. Was at my primary care physician this morning and had an X-ray done. She stated there is a small separation there. Referred me to an orthopedic so I expect to be seen within a couple of weeks or so. Should know in the next couple of days. I have been doing some isolation exercises for pecs, shoulders, and triceps since I stopped pressing. Added back some push ups on stairs a few weeks ago. This week I tried some landmine presses and have bought materials to build a decline bench.

If there is a small separation in there, are there any increased risks in landmine presses, decline presses, or doing push ups on stairs at a fairly steep angle? I know those are supposed to put a little less stress on the shoulder than flat bench pressing. Thanks for any feedback.

Could it be a permanent separation, like a tear from a fall or something? I guess it could happen, but I’ve not heard of a separation being caused from wide benching.

Yo got referred to a surgeon but not a physiotherapist? Go find yourself a physiotherapist and try to manage conservatively before you go under the knife

No falls or any injuries. Just began to bother me some time ago following upper body pushing exercises.

No, just to clarify, I was referred to a orthopedic specialist office that does have surgeons but also does sports medicine, physical therapy, ect. I don’t expect that they will be looking at doing any surgical procedures. I don’t think it’s that severe of a separation. But all I have to really go on until I see the specialist is what I was told this morning - that there was a small separation.

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Okay awesome it’s really good to hear that you’ll have the option to see doctors and physiotherapists.

To answer your question, I think your main limitations with pushing exercises will be movements that give you a lot of pain. You’d also want to be avoid extremes of motion at the shoulder like the overhead position or dips

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