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Any Preferences???

Hey everyone? I haven’t posted in what seems like forever… although I have been a quiet lurker… If this question seems redundent then I apologize.
I’m wondering if any experienced steroid users have any input on how they cycle?
Basically what I wanted to know was does anyone prefer a specific stack or have any particular drug that they always seem to go back to b/c it worked? Furthermore is their a company (brand) that anyone prefers?
For instance, I seem to always go back to trenbolone for whatever apparent reason… However, I’ve tried D-Bol, Test and Winstrol? I’m just wondering what other people’s take on certain substances are??? Any replies would be appreciated…
once again I apologize if this topic has already been discussed… thanks…

Test is king. No matter how much, a little or ALOT, there is Test in EVERY cycle I do.

Test is definetly a popular one… and for good reason… but is there a specific brand of test you seem to go back to Omnidren or whatever??? Or anything in particular? Anyone have any strong bonds to anything else???