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Any Powerlifting Coach Recommendations in Connecticut?

Hello. Although I think it is helpful to get tips via video/video analysis, I think I could benefit from some in-person powerlifting coaching, particularly on my deadlift. I feel as though I am not using enough of my glutes, hams, etc., and perhaps using too much lower back.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good powerlifting coach in Connecticut?I’d even venture to Westchester County, NY if need be. I tried to do searches online, but I cannot tell if someone is good, so a recommendation from someone here would be a big help. Thanks

Hey there! I know this is an old thread but if you’re still interested, I know of a couple extremely experienced coaches/crews that can help. Where in CT are you located?

Great. Please let me know. I’m in Newtown, CT. It’s near Danbury. Thanks

Great. Please let me know. I’m in Newtown, CT. It’s near Danbury. Thanks

How far are you willing to drive? What type of help are you looking to get? Do you have Instagram?

Hi. For the right service I am willing to drive. Where are your contacts located? I think my lifts are inefficient and my form can be better. My deadlift, in particular, could use form help. I think I’m built for the deadlift mainly, so I’m curious about the untapped potential. My bench is decent, nothing great, and my squat could use some form work. Yes, I am on the Insta.

The majority of the people I personally know are in Bridgeport or Stratford. It might be a bit of a drive but the they WILL get you damn strong. Hellbent Barbell and Hellhounds Strength and Athletics. Carlos Reyes(EliteFTS athlete) trains out of Lightning Fitness further north. When he speaks, just take out a note pad and write EVERYTHING down lol. He is of the highest level. What’s your ig? I can tag you on their page. Mine is “Poppintop”.

Hi. Do you know anyone at those Bridgeport gyms? The Windsor one would be too far. My Insta is gussyboyhenry

I know the owners of both. Known them for years. Really good people with tons of knowledge and decades of experience. Mike Skiba at Hellbent and Kurt Warcholic at Hellhounds. Hellhounds is actually in Milford

Thanks. I will look them up. I appreciate it.

Totally welcomed!

Do you use a belt when you lift?

Yes, most of the time.

Just a heads up if you’re ever in the market for another and you’re interested in a Pioneer belt, you can use discount code “Poppintop” for 10% off

awesome! Good to know. Thanks

Totally welcomed! Please feel free to give me a shout anytime