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Any Powerlifters on the Wirral?


Hi, so I'm a novice at powerlifting with my first comp in august and I train at dw sports gym in bromborough, wondering if there are any powerlifters on the wirral that can either give me advice or aid with my training it would be greatly appreciated, thanks


Hey up, used to live on the Wirral so your post caught my eye. Have they got those stupid hexagonal plates there? The DW where I live has and you cannot Deadlift with them for shit, unless you want to stick to singles for ever. In that case, best advice would be to find a new gym!

This is where I used to train when I worked in Rock Ferry. Sure it was called Fitness 2000 or House of Pain…


Nobody shouts at you when you train hard in there!

What category are you in and which comp mate?


Yeah they have the hexagonal plates which constantly keep the bar at an angle because they don’t align, will give that gym a look thinking of changing to uts south wirral which Is meant to be hardcore, and I’m currently looking at competing in 93kg, I’m a sub junior and have a novice comp coming up looking at getting a 500 to 510 total minimum.


Never heard of that place - let me know about how it goes! 500 total is good going. Not sure of standards in those comps but respectable all the same!