Any Powder Update?

So I mailed on of my powder sources just to see if he’d have an update or tell me himself what’s going on in China. Here’s the auto-reply I got.

If anyone knows who I’m talking about and knows who his partner is (I starred it out) I wouldn’t mind some info. Is the guy legit? It ordering different? Is that guy fucked too? And what’s with the deal about visiting–is that how business is done now?

Does anyone have a general update to as to the future of powder supply?

On a side note, I think this e-mail is hilarious.

Lol is he serious? Meet him in China? Sounds like the beginning to a very scary movie…

I think he has a crush on you.

I dont have a clue who that guy may be referring to. However one of the larger UG labs that im firmilair with was pretty much out of business, but by the sounds of things are now pretty much back in the game again.
Dont know if its any sign of things to come, just what I have observed.