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Any Potential?

Hi â?? Long time lurker in forums, first time poster. I started training about 5 years ago but have only recently starting taking it seriously. At 29 I am now looking to move to the next level of training and have found a real passion for training. I am looking for any criticism/comments which I can hopefully use constructively and just wanted to benchmark where I currently am. I would like to get in competing (men’s physique) in the future (but realistically I know am still years away). My legs especially are lacking.

As a background I mainly got into weights to tone up as I was larger youth (i.e. fat). Before I started training I was a solid 86kg (190lb) with a 36 inch waist. The first few years of training I didnâ??t take it too seriously and mainly focused on the disco muscles (biceps and chest). Due to a ACL knee injury I stayed away from squatting and deadlifting and any general leg work until about 20 months ago. My weights are not that good yet as I have been focusing on technique but am slowly and steadily building up. Currently following 5/3/1.

Here are some of my stats:
Age - 29
Weight - 70kg (154lb)
Waist - 30cm
Bench 1RM - 115kg (253 lb)
Deadlift 1RM - 180kg (396 lb)
Squat 1RM - 135kg (297lb)

This is not as lean or as big as I have been. Have been both bigger (and fatter) and leaner (and a lot smaller).
Current diet is a focused on making lean gains. Following intermittent fasting eating everything in a 8 hour window. Current macros are 345g of carbs, 75g of fat and 200g of protein a day. I am 100% natural.

Will add a couple of pics now for you guys to critique (please be gentle and not to harsh). Pics are helped by some fortunate downwards bathroom lighting.

Thanks and look forward to receiving any comments

Back flexed

Legs front

Legs side

Side profile

Your legs are definitely lacking, but that doesn’t really matter much if men’s physique is your thing. The shorts cover most of your thighs. I would say that you’re not necessarily multiple years away from being in shape to compete. You could step on a small stage quite a bit sooner than that if you really wanted to.

It looks like chest may be a weak point for physique purposes. Back too. Arms look alright. Just keep training everything hard, and you’ll get where you want to be.

Thanks for the reply. I am currently following 5/3/1 to help build some strength followed by accessory work which is more in body builders template (8-15 reps). Do u think this kind of training will allow me meet my goal? Also do u think i go through a bulking phase to help concentrate and get some much needed size? Currently folllowing lean gains protocol where i am seeing success but it very slow progress. Thanks

Progress is slow no matter what. ‘Bulking’ just tends to make people think they’re progressing faster than they actually are. But at the end of the day, they have to lose more fat, which takes more time, And they risk losing more muscle during that cut. I’m a firm believer that it is best to stay relatively lean year-round. My avatar is the fattest I ever let myself get.

Your programming sounds fine for your goals. It’s more or less what I do. That being said, don’t be afraid to change things up if you aren’t liking the results you’re getting.

Abs and chest are great, arms not bad either, rest of your body needs to be that good!

Of course you have potential.

I would say that your weak point is your legs for sure.

You are pretty lean though so I think that a well, thought out bulk is in order.

Best of luck.