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Any Political Engineers?


My dad and I have used solidworks to create an engine-like machine. Is there a program who can simulate the frictions between the moving parts, so we can know if this is gonna work or not? I know the friction coefficient of the surfaces, I just need a program to give him those coefficients, the weight of the parts so it can calculate somehow the whole thing. Any suggestions?


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Well from my limited experience with CAD programs due to being an engineering student, I don't know of programs that'll do that.
If you know the rough surface area of interaction you can find numbers online to calculate friction forces, it's not too hard. Aside from that just estimate volume of parts or use a maths program (like MATLAB) and break it into pieces and add all that together. Combine that with specific volume/density and you're good to go.
Sorry if that's confusing, hope it helps.

Cliff notes: I don't know of programs that will work out friction, weight of parts is easy just time-consuming


Wow, I'm surprised anyone on here would know how to answer some question about that.

My comment was made in jest regarding the OP's comments in another thread 2 or 3 weeks ago.


thx harizard, will try that, but I'm not sure it will give me the answers I need.



Try that. I know that there is a function in Solidworks where you can check stress points and stuff like that, but it's been a few years since I've used it. If that doesn't help, I could check with our solidworks/camworks guys and see if they know of anything that'd help


thanks, I will try that. Please, ask your guys if they know anything.


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You are probably going to be better off breaking it down into smaller parts.


Most CAD packages have motion simulation- they will move parts relative to each other, given an input force/displacement that you provide.

If you want mass/inertia and friction, you are going to have to go FEA or solid body dynamics programs at least. I would say ehh to ANSYS, not the greatest multibody dynamic solver. I would say Nastran before Ansys. But I would say Abaqus or ls-dyna above all others. You need a multibody dynamic solver. You can set the sub components as non-deformable bodies to save processing time and get a good idea of how stuff will move.


Yea, what THE fuck are you talking about OP? What the FUCK is a political engineer and why did you title your thread with it instead of just 'engineer' or 'mechanical engineer'?

Other than that, you have a legitimate project on your hands and I have nothing to add to the answers you have already received. good luck, I'm sure it won't be easy.


Why not a physics engine for a 3D package (like 'bullet' in Maya)?


Have you ever used AutoCAD's Inventor? They have a feature where you can estimate forces, friction and all of that other good stuff. I used it in CAD class a few times.