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Any Pole Vaulters Here?

I have a quick question…I’ve been jumping higher this year but I could jump a lot higher if I could “turn.” Basically I just hurl myself over the bar. Are there any drills/exercises that would help me turn? Thanks.

Sounds like you need some technique work. This is best fixed by working with a coach/instructor and actually practicing what they tell you. You can learn some from watching videos/having it described, but that’s no substitue for practice.

Our coach is the problem, he doesn’t know how to pole vault. I’ve asked him how to turn and he just says, “turn through the toes.” I’ve watched lots of pole vault videos, I know what to do the problem is when I’m in the air I can’t tell myself to do it.

it might help the turn if you focus more on the hips instead of the toes. assuming you’re right handed, focus on rolling your right hip over the left. pole vault is tough to coach over the internet.

From what I have learned from track I would recomend you find someone who is a pole vault coach and have them instruct you. I know kids that have gone to summer camps at colleges and have come back with much better technique and vaulting 3-5 feet higher. It maybe not be a quick fix but in the long term it will help a lot.