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Any Poker Players Here?


Are there any other poker players here? If so, maybe we can get a T-Nation table at one of the online sites (because of ease), low stakes of course, and have a little poker night every now and then.


I play at PacificPoker.

I am an affiliate there so I could start people up with $50

I personaly only play a few times. I enjoy the personal game much better.


I play mostly at FullTilt online. I play at Foxwoods every other weekend and we have a few local tournament style games a few times a week.


I play on Absolute Poker, Poker Stars, Celeb Poker, Paradise poker, and I'm looking to start playing at full tilt. Tri how could we get 50 bucks from pacific? I would definetly be interested.


Party for me. I think they're the only ones that'll let you play at 18.


hmm this thread didnt get to far. that is a pretty intewresting idea. i play at full contact poker.


Ultimate Bet, Stars, Party, and Full Tilt.

I play.... too much.


I play at Noble from time to time. My account is empty though, I won't be able to put anything in it till the beginning of september.


I, too, play at Ultimate Bet. Are you Z-Man1972?


I don't play online anymore but I do still play with my friends. I would be interested in gettin' in an online game.


I play at FT and Stars. And even though I'm running pretty bad lately, that's all past results.


I play with some friends at work regularly. An online T-Nation tourney sounds good.


I play as Raemius on all sites.