Any PL'ers in ON. Canada?

Hey I’m just sort of starting out. I’d like to participate in some meets a little further down the road.

I’m just wondering if there are any PL’ers from Ontario Canada who might be able to tell me some good meets to start out in. Someone who might have some good info on the Pl’ing scene in Ontario. I’m in Kitchener to be more specific.



The biggest powerlifting org in Canada is the CPU which is the Canadian IPF affiliate. The OPA is the Ontario CPU affiliate, confused yet?

Check out
They update the website regularly with new contests.

Canadian Nationals are in St.Catherines this year so if your up for the just over hour drive then you might want to check them out all the info you need will be here…
I will be there and probably a couple more T-Nation members will be as well. You can also hop on the CPU Forums and call out some of the Kitchener lifters and see where they lift,