Any Plans for a Stevia/Naturally Sweetened Metabolic Drive?

Are there any plans to offer a non-sucralose (either stevia or naturally sweetened) version of Metabolic Drive? I avoid sucralose-containing products, but would like to give Metabolic Drive a try.

Metabolic Drive Protein is one of our top sellers. In addition to its uncompromising quality, the gourmet flavors draw many consumers in and keep them coming back. So we’re hesitant to mess with a winner and risk a mutiny.

The formula contains less than 0.5% sucralose (by wt.). We’ve yet to see any credible research showing adverse effects from consuming reasonable amounts of sucralose.

Here’s a T Nation article that further explains our position:

BUT, if enough customers wanted us to switch to a natural sweetener, like debittered stevia, we’d consider doing it.


Thanks for the reply. I don’t doubt that sucralose is safe in the amounts in Metabolic Drive, and certainly understand why you’re reluctant to change anything about a popular product. If you ever decide to try a new version, I’d gladly give it a try.

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I gave Metabolic Drive a try (chocolate), after really liking Surge and wanting to support BioTest products. Unfortunately, the sucralose taste is completely off-putting to me and I cannot purchase it again. That said, I am also someone who can’t stand diet sodas at all while I know others love Coke Zero and the like. Here’s to hoping you offer naturally sweetened versions in the future. In the meantime, I’ll keep the Surge orders coming.

I recently tried another brand of protein powder that was sweetened with Stevia and I really liked it. I’d definitely be interested in trying a Stevia version of Metabolic Drive.

It’s interesting (though not surprising) how tastes can be so sensitive and different. I’m not a huge fan of stevia, but find it works well in products that use it alongside sugars (Guayaki’s yerba mate cans are a good example, as is Surge WOF). But, I do think stevia as the standalone sweetener is fine in many cases, and my “go to” protein powder uses stevia. Sucralose or acesulfame potassium or aspartame, though, make products inedible to me. Luckily, my teenage sons are having no trouble getting through the bad of Metabolic Drive.

This is a slight hijack, but it seems to fit.

I’d like a savory protein powder - think chicken boullion flavored. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so being able to make a chicken pot pie crust, or a roux for soups, or protein chedder biscuts would be great.

I tried one company that makes something like that, but I trust that Biotest would do a better job.

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I’ve love to see a naturally sweetened Metabolic Drive. After not buying Metabolic Drive for a few years I recently ordered a few containers and it’s a bit too artificial tasting for my own taste buds now.

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I tried my best, but couldn’t stand the artificial taste. Luckily my sons like it so it won’t go to waste.

Will definitely be switching to non-sucralose products after this recent study. Would love to see Metabolic Drive with stevia or other natural, non-caloric sweetener. Or even sweetener free.

“We found that gut cells exposed to sucralose-6-acetate had increased activity in genes related to oxidative stress, inflammation and carcinogenicity,” Schiffman says.

“This work raises a host of concerns about the potential health effects associated with sucralose and its metabolites. It’s time to revisit the safety and regulatory status of sucralose, because the evidence is mounting that it carries significant risks. If nothing else, I encourage people to avoid products containing sucralose. It’s something you should not be eating.”

It’s just a matter of time until Biotest does gets rid of sucralose in their products. I think it’s just because Metabolic Drive is their best seller, so they’re understandably reluctant to change it.

As a scientist, it’s baffling to me how there will be an article on this site detailing the health benefits of their products (which may be true for some of them) with references, and in the same article links or discussion of Metabolic Drive. I try to refrain from always chiming in, but if you want to use scientific literature to back up the benefits of Superfood or other product, you can’t ignore that there is far, far more compelling evidence that sucralose is unhealthy and should be avoided in all amounts.


I’d love to see a Stevia or naturally sweetened Plazma too. I’ve been using mine unsweetened most days, which isn’t too bad once you get used to it. And yes I know the new Surge has Stevia in it – I tried it and in my opinion Plazma is a far superior product. Back to the topic at hand though – I’ve switched entirely to other companies for my protein powder in light of the sucralose in Metabolic Drive.


I read that same study and the implications are scary. Biotest uses Sucralose in a variety of products I enjoy, but given the implications of this study, I feel compelled to pause their use as more information is coming to market. I would be interested to hear an update from @Tim_Patterson since his post last June on the emergence of credible research on this topic. BTW, long time Biotest customer and absolutely love the products so am hoping as others have mentioned, there are discussions around at least making products without Sucralose available.

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I was a little concerned at first, as well, but Cy Willson offers a straightforward, reasonable breakdown of why this is not a concern in his latest article.

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I’m with you. This is SO sweet I struggle with it. I would love a savory flavor like chicken or beef…or bacon! Or Cheddar cheese! OK…maybe that’s a little too far…but chicken would be good.

I’m an adventurous eater, but chocolate-flavored beef is going in the wrong direction.

Also, fuck “bone broth.” I hate that phrase so much. We had a perfectly good word, “stock,” for 200+ years. Broth is made with meat, stock is made from bones. Errgh.

Anyway, exit soapbox.

I’m going to make a savory protein powder with collagen and . . . Carrot dust or something

Edit - mirepoix power. #trademarked.

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I’ve started buying flavor drops and unflavoured protein then flavoring it myself. Absolutely a game changer for me. Some days I don’t want it as sweet, some days I fancy a little less vanilla, a little more strawberry etc. Keeps me excited for my shakes.

That’s still gross. And you just invented milk. That’s vanilla flavored beef protein.

True. Fair point.

I did a cooking class like that for Halloween.
Grilled Heart Skewers
Black Pudding
Roasted Bone Marrow
Fried Calf Brains

Anyway, you can keep your “bone broth” vanilla abomination to yourself.

Although I hate not knowing things. Damn you. Not looking forward to lunch.

I have done a Poundstone shake and it wasn’t awful but, just don’t think I could do beef broth either.