Any Plans for a Stevia/Naturally Sweetened Metabolic Drive?

Are there any plans to offer a non-sucralose (either stevia or naturally sweetened) version of Metabolic Drive? I avoid sucralose-containing products, but would like to give Metabolic Drive a try.

Metabolic Drive Protein is one of our top sellers. In addition to its uncompromising quality, the gourmet flavors draw many consumers in and keep them coming back. So we’re hesitant to mess with a winner and risk a mutiny.

The formula contains less than 0.5% sucralose (by wt.). We’ve yet to see any credible research showing adverse effects from consuming reasonable amounts of sucralose.

Here’s a T Nation article that further explains our position:

BUT, if enough customers wanted us to switch to a natural sweetener, like debittered stevia, we’d consider doing it.


Thanks for the reply. I don’t doubt that sucralose is safe in the amounts in Metabolic Drive, and certainly understand why you’re reluctant to change anything about a popular product. If you ever decide to try a new version, I’d gladly give it a try.

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