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Any physical therapists out there??

If so i need an opinion. I’ve been having some troubles with my low back and it all started about 3 or 4 months ago while doing front squats and i felt a pop in my lower back, the next few days my back was really sore. After that i went back working out as normal. I always had spot in my lower back that didn’t feel right but it didjn’t give me any pain. So i just ignored it and went on. Then about a week ago i started doin revese hyperextensions to strengthen my lower back and i felt kind of a twinge in my lower back while doing them. I woke up the next morning and could hardly walk. The pain was in my low back and at times i would get a tingleing feeling that would shoot down my leg. I went to the chiropractor and he said my hips were out of place and my sacrum was twisted which caused the sciatic nerve on my left side to be stretched. He put everything back in place and the next day i was more sore than before. I went back today and had x-rays, everything was fine. He says my muscles in my glute somewhere aren’t working cause my nerve is swollen and this is causing my lower back to tighten up and not relax and that is where all the pain is coming from. He’s been working on it and is getting better. But he says when i get back to normal i should stay away from back squats and deadlifts, and i just dunno if i could stand not doing squats, deadlifts and olympic lifts. If there is a physical therapists out there that could reccommend something i could do to strengthen my lower back and hamstrings back up after i get all this worked out, and also if i could do squats, deadlifts, and olympic lifts again?

I’m not a PT, but I had very similar symptoms (and diagnosis) a few years back from bad form while deadlifting and a soccer injury (yes, soccer IS a contact sport)

I went to a chiro who was also trained in ART–two sessions and a lesson in better form and I was good as new (I layed off squats and deads for about 3 weeks and began again with light weights and good form, then worked my way back up)

do a search for ART in T-Mag, there was an article way back–it gave an 800 # to find someone in your area who is trained in ART


www.activerelease.com has a locator.