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Any Photographers/Camera Gurus?

Well, to make a long story short: I’m getting SCUBA certified soon, and I want to get an underwater digital camera.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I’m thinking this: http://www.waterproofcameras.com/cgi/fwg.cgi?page=/cameras/sl150.html&category=yes&code=&cart_id=8847790.21170

Maybe with the flash attatchment.

Sidenote: I’ve been on 4 dives already, and its the shit. Completely different world down there, I high reccommend it if you get the opportunity.

You can get just about any camera you want, so long as you get an underwater housing.


Housings are super expensive though.

Your lighting will get shitty if you get deep, so you want to make sure your camera can handle low light. A high end camera with its pricey housing might take better pics that a dedicated underwater camera, but you might have to get a second job to afford it. Make sure you get the camera that best fits your needs.

The cameras on your site seem to be cheap point and shoot digitals in a housing, but for a nice price.

Seems to be a decent camera. You might also consider getting a regular digital camera and then adding a waterproof shell. I know these are available from Sony and possibly some others. This would allow you to get a more portable/higher end/more versatile camera (assuming you don’t already have one) as well as be capable of using it under water.

Yeah, I have a canon powershot right now. I got it a few years ago, works well for what I need. They sell a waterproof casing for it, except it only goes down to 9 feet.