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Any Philanthropists?

Thanks for reading,

While visiting nepal I made some deep connections to a few kids whose families I have since been supporting financially. I am doing this because I dont know how elce I can help, and not helping is not an option after what I witnessed.
I am 25 years old, make 45k per year and support myself and girlfriend (though not legally/tax write off) and living in SF silicon valley, I barely get by. I have since cut back any frivolous spending (eating out, or movies) to save money. I end up sending 200-350$ per month which is all I can save, via western union. I know that you can write off money donated to charity but this isnt through an organization so theres no proof.

does anyone know if there is anything tax wise to make this easier on me?

Thank You

You might want to Google Performance Philanthropy.

I like the philosophy of this organization: http://www.genevaglobal.com/performance-philanthropy/what-30000-can-do