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Any Paramedics Here?

im writing a research paper on MI’s and i need to know what kind of treatment you may do for a PT while transporting them to the hospital .

In Ontario, primary care paramedics can give nitroglycerin(6 doses of 0.4mg sprays spaced 5 minutes apart), ASAi[/i], and Oxygen(10-15Lpm). Advance care paramedics can start IVs and give morphine(2mg every 5min to a max of 10mg) or fentanyl(25-50mcg every 5min to a max of 100mcg) in addition to what the PCPs can do.

Also, it’s not treatment, but some paramedic services require 12-lead ECGs to be performed. A positive result for an MI that fits the criteria generally reroutes the PT to the nearest cardiac catheter lab.