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Any Over 35's Training Frequent


I LOVE training and want to be in the gym 5times per week with a couple of days doing HIT.
I'm constantly reading how this will beat up an older lifter and only younger lifters can train more frequent.

Who else likes training frequent in here? Are you still making progress training often?


there are a few lifters here who train 4 days a week pretty heavy
and there are a few lifters here who train 5 or more days
and Im pretty sure there are a few people who are doing two a days-
when getting ready for contest.

My job is pretty physical - and when I can train Its 3 or 4 days
and I squat each time I train but I spend allot of time on recovery

most of the people here are juggling work family - a business etc

what is your schedule like
and what kind of time can you dedicate to training and recovery


I alternate lifting and conditioning/cardio days, with no days off. As far as weightlifting is concerned, I work everything once every four days.

When you say you want to work out 5x/week, do you mean you want to do a full-body workout that often, orr are you referring to a bodypart split? And when you say you spend ‘a couple of days doing HIT,’ are those days in addition to the 5 days in the gym, or are they 2 of the 5?


I train 7 days a week (weight training 6 days). I seem to get better results with high frequency, the challenge is to adjust intensity and total volume accordingly.
I noticed, for me, that it slowly became more difficult to get a decent response from more infrequent training sessions. I would either not get stronger or get injured.

edit: 45+ yr


40 here.

I train 6-7 days/week.

Mostly lifting with about 8 minutes of rope jumping every day.

I do lots of isolation type stuff…high reps. Never felt or looked better so I can say it definitely doesn’t NOT work.


I’m 41, in the military, and I typically train 6 days/week. Also alternate lifting with high-intensity conditioning (prowler, sprints, loaded carries, weight vest, etc). I need to train every work day in order to stay sharp and productive (amazing how different my day is if I can’t get to the gym), but lifting for 5-6 straight days was starting to beat me up. Biggest change I made about a year ago is the intense, hard conditioning sessions 3 times per week (prior to that I would just tack on a little conditioning work after lifting). Jim Wendler preaches “conditioning like a man”. He is wise.


I’m 40 and I typically train every day. I don’t schedule any rest days and usually only end up having a day with no training if I get held up late at work which doesn’t happen often.

Training frequency is itself a ‘trainable’ variable. If you are accustomed to training 3 days per week and jump to 7 without a well planned approach to managing volume you could quickly exceed your ability to recover. If you gradually increase frequency while giving your body time to adapt you can easily work up to handling 6-7 training sessions per week (or more) if that is your goal - assuming of course that you are getting adequate nutrition and rest to support the increased work load.


I schedule training for every day, but that is with the assumption that life will get in the way, or if I feel under-recovered I will be a bum… like today. I do train conjugate/westside style with a very conscious effort to wave intensity and volume.


Bottom line its a individual thing… there are too many variables to say. In your case your going to have to experiment and see how your body reacts .


I usually train 5 days a week using heavy weights for squats, bench, overhead press, and sometimes dead lifts. High frequency training is great. I love the bulgarian type method. If you haven’t read Squat Every Day, great book. The protocol is demanding but rewarding.


im 35 try to do 6 days a week. sometimes its 3-4 life gets in the way sometimes.


I train 5 or 6 times a week, often twice daily. I do a lot of band work and recently I’ve been doing some negative assistance sets, isometric holds and negatives as well, and I’m still on the right side of the grass. I’m a lot older than most folks but as several have pointed out, one can adapt to frequent training. Give it a shot and see if your body and mind adapts to it.


I have trained 7 days per week, twice per day and been fine.
I have trained twice per week and been buggered.

It depends on volume and intensity in those sessions.