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Any Other Tower Climbers?


Figured a few of yall would be in cellular or radio tower work as well, given that it requires a little more of factor-T then most ordinary jobs.

Or am I alone?


I don't know about "factor-T"...more like an absence of rational fear :slight_smile: LOL


Hey bud I do some rope access here in Ontario, where are you located?


Local 40 Ironworker on the WTC


Indianapolis. Mostly tower construction and maintenance for verizon. I'll do anything that involves heights though, built a church steeple, some power lines, ect. The skills transfer.


Very cool, I'd shit a brick before doing that.



Cheesy work video alert.

A friend e-mailed this to me, pretty wild shit. My wife who's afraid of heights had to leave the room lol. No need to do any direct forearm work with this job.



Doing tower work made me a believer of high volume, high frequency, high intensity training.

When I started I was in decent shape, but the climbing and the work just about raped me. Now I can do 40ish chins. Its a good forearm workout, and my arms grew a couple inches in a couple months, I think just cause I was blasting them daily for hours.


Do all tower climber work at night? My buddy is a tower guy and he travels a lot and usually works nights. I will say it seems like they have their own fraternity of climbers.


Theres a lot of nightwork. For me, it pays double time. Making forty an hour aint too shabby.

There is a fraternity. We live and die together, quite literally.


Do water towers count? It's all I got.



Theyre a bitch to wash and paint :slightly_smiling:


Taken some 40 years ago when I was young and fit. Just after we got the dish up lightning started. We survived. I was an installation engineer working in Spain for the European Space Agency. Can just about climb the stairs today (ha ha). Hats off to you young fellas!


My buddy climbs towers and took me with him, it was crazy how physically demanding it was to climb a 300' tower. Snapped a few pics while I was up there


Stationed in FL, only about 150' up.


This gives me serious anxiety and a tingling feeling in my balls


Between that and the pay, sounds like a pretty sweet gig......except for that whole heights thing. That vid makes me slightly queasy.

BTW, hello from Carmel.


1:35...I started feeling uneasy as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Kudos to you guys - takes some baws to climb those things!


You ever been so focused on getting to the top, and got there, only to realise you left an important bit of kit down in the car?


I must admit just seeing the pics, not even the actual movie, gave me the shakes.