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Any Other Steroid We Can Use?


That does not have such a drastic effect on the hpta as test?



(yes. that is my answer)


Which ?


I think what PC is trying to say is that:

  1. This is not the steroid forum. This is a forum concerned with long-term HRT use, and not cycles/steroids.
  2. You should be consolidating your questions into one thread.
  3. You should read the stickies.

And for your convenience:

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I think it's an interesting question.

Could there be a T substitute that's HPTA-friendly, for those of us on HRT who can't cycle but enjoy having gonads?


What in the fuck? Is English your first language?


Oh, sorry! I should have been more sensitive.

Could there be a T substitute that's HPTA-friendly, for those of us on HRT who can't cycle but enjoy having gonad(s)?


thank you bcingu... you have a lot more patience then I was able to muster yesterday.... or today it seems...

yes, actually there is such a medication, but we just so enjoy spending our lives on this forum endlessly complaining about our issues and pretending to help others that we have all decided against taking it or letting anyone else know about it, but since you asked...

Yes. "Perfectium" is the holy grail of HRT. What's so amazing about this drug is that men, women and children can all take a single pill once a week and it cures them of every single hormonal, thyroid, or adrenal issue they may be having and what's more, it only costs $0.50 per pill without insurance, but only if you call now.... **

I mean we all know that HRT is such an exact science with a one-size fits all approach that works for every single person 100% of the time.

** please note that shipping is $10,000 a week and will be billed automatically even after cancelled. Failure to pay will result in a visit by the "collections" team.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.


vinaydm3, you need to understand that many of the posters here have also been affected by hormone imbalances, which may affect the quality of advice that they give. I haven't been immune to this myself. It's your responsibility to determine if any of this "advice" applies to you.

You might take a look at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1464-410X.2011.10702.x/abstract if none of the above responses seem terribly useful. It proposes a different course of treatment, as you have asked.


I'm still trying to figure out what you are trying to ask by the bold/underline part of the statement...

Not sure what you mean by "HPTA friendly"--are you asking if it will not move LH/FSH to 0, yet still yield the benefits of testosterone?

What does "can't cycle" mean? You don't cycle HRT, so I'm not sure what you are saying here.

What do you mean "enjoy gonads". I understand all males like their nuts, but have no idea how this would relate to being able "to cycle".


It is a medical fact that supplemental T makes the male jewels shrivel up and disappear. And those of us on HRT can't cycle/stop our HRT to make them come back, because as many of us have unfortunately discovered, our hangleberries haven't been doing their jobs in the first place!

It is therefore very interesting to me, and I suppose the OP as well to find whether other therapies than T supplementation might be useful in preserving our maleness.

For instance, the T-Nation protocol uses hCG as a substitute for LH. Is this fairy dust and moonbeams, PureChance? No? Well then fuck you. We will use hCG as an LH "perfectium" analog.

And let's study Clomiphene as an effective and safe alternative to testosterone supplementation as I've linked above for men wishing to maintain their health and their gonads.

Maybe Clomid is not the answer, and chances are that it isn't. But maybe something the fuck else is.

Balla, do you follow my English now?


I think I am lost here. Can someone please translate?



I think he is trying to be clever but I believe its not quite working for him.