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Any Other Methoxy-7 Users?


I feel like I'm the only person still using this stuff. I think it actually helps with muscle density and also increasing vascularity IMO. But I find that very few people use it.

Anyone else using this...

I take 4 caps 2 times a day.


Methoxy-7 is still one of my favorite supplements.


Do you guys prefer using it while bulking or cutting?


I'm sort sceptical of how good it really is...I took the liquid a while back, and it did nothing. I even took 4 bottles worth adhering to the directions, and still nothing.

I have a feeling some of these products work for some and not for others. Power Drive worked well for many, but it didn't do a tickle for me. Spike doesn't work for some, but it works really well for me, the same goes for Carbolin 19.

I'd like to try this stuff out again, but I didn't feel anything in terms of strength or recovery. Do you guys feel like it helps with either strength or recovery?


Both. It keeps me leaner when caloric intake is above maintenance and it helps me get a harder look when I'm lean.


I got 4 bottles at a really good price.

I've only gone through 1 bottle. Can't say it did much, since I'm only 1 year into lifting, and still been putting mass on since I started.

I don't think it really did much for me. I'm going to stop for one month, then take another cycle to see if I notice anything this time.


I agree great supp both bulking and cutting. I really like it best bulking to keep some better visual muscel hardness and vascularity while at higher BF%



I have noticed for me that it takes a good 1 and 1/2 bottles to really start noticing anything at full dosage.

One morning you kind of wake up and look in the mirror and your like damn. Maybe this stuff is working.

I'm using it for a cutting cycle for my comp. I think it does wonders keeping the muscle on while decreasing bf and restricting calories.


Anybody notice any strength improvements while on this stuff?


I swear by this product. It gives me that hard look. I have been taking it for years.


What are you dosage parameters?