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Any Other Guitar Hero Pros Here?


Just curious.

It's been my favorite video game since the original GH. Oh and has anyone beat f**king "Through the fire and flames" on expert? I almost have it but I keep getting tripped up on one part. Have never played that difficult of a song.


I don't have any of them, but my brother does so I have played with him a bit. I have beat about 3/4 of the expert songs on gh2. He just got gh3 today so I played a bunch on hard, it seems like it is alot eaiser than gh2 and the music is not near as good.


You do realize you will get ripped on mercilessly here about this. See the South Park episode about guitar hero.


Guitar Queer-o


What is that? Sissy-Nation?


I only started playing when GH3 came out a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was a stupid idea, but I've come around. I've played it with guys that play guitar in a band and they enjoy it too.

PS. That South Park is hilarious.


You. Are. Fags.


I just went through the ads of walmart, dick's sporting goods, sears, k-mart, target and circuit city looking for a sale on another weight set and an ipod dock. In those 6 different ads I counted over 20 ads for Guitar hero games, controllers and knock offs (12 ads for the controllers alone). I'm stunned. There was actually a starter guitar meant for kids (a real guitar) selling for less than a Guitar Hero controller.

I didn't realize it had become as popular as it has.


Sorry, but I didn't read any of this. I got to this part in the screen and became mesmerized by Jaime's pic....


I really do hate this generation. Buy a real guitar and take the time to learn it.


Just because somebody enjoys a game doesn't mean they can't play a real guitar.

Even if somebody plays the game instead of the real guitar, is that really reason to dislike them, provided they know how to balance a game with real life?


Ever play Grand Theft Auto? Then why don't you man up and go learn how to steal a car and beat up the elderly, sissy.

Ever play Hitman? Stop being a douche and learn how to professionally assassinate.

Ever play Mario Bros.? Take your thumb out of your ass and learn how to squeeze through sewage pipes and be a generally sleezy Italian.

I don't play video games, but see nothing against them. Your argument is pathetic.


It's called having fun. I presume you've forgotten what that is, at your old age.

Edit: Oops. You're still young! You must be a blast to hang out with. :wink:


And one more thing, in the time that lixy joined T-Nation, he has posted a rough average of 6 more times than your typical member.

Either all he does in life is lift, eat, sleep, repeat or I would assume he's shaped like a sweet potato.


Getting out side and doing somehting is fun, not sitting staring at a screen. My arguemnt is that 90% of kids would rather play a fake guitar than learn how to play for real.

Its not like I said ALL OF YOU are queer for playing a video game so chill out.


Hmmmm...sweet potato drools Arrrr....


Thanks for telling me, and millions of others, what's fun and what isn't.

That's exactly the point! I don't want to learn how to play a guitar for real. I have other things I am far more interested in that I devote my time and energy to.
Playing guitar hero is easy. Learning to play a guitar "for real" is mostly hard work, which is fine, but I'd rather work hard writing software in my spare time.




Sweet potatoes > Yams


I don't have a link, but I remember reading on several sites that Guitar Hero has actually driven up sales of actual guitars and that people who give guitar lessons have seen an increase in business since the game came out.

I see nothing wrong with the game and think it was a great idea by the developers. I don't have any of them, but am likely going to pick up GH III soon.