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Any other Delivery Drivers using 5/3/1?

Just started a new job in the last 30 days as a route service rep and am not used to the volume of carrying heavy loads (akin to farmers walks) and getting in and out of a step van repeatedly over the course of a day. Now, as these are much lighter loads than I work out with, I was surprised on how much of a toll this job takes on me (especially lower body).

Any other route drivers on here that use 5/3/1 (like UPS, FedEx, Uniform, etc.)? If so, how do you work out during the week without being so sore from Doms that you are unable to do your job?

age 41
6’ / 215 lbs

lifts (1rm)
Bench - 250
Deadlift - 325
Squat - 315
Press - 165

I started a job as a merchandiser/truck helper for Pepsi for the summer about a month and a half ago. It is nonstop movement, pulling, bending, lifting, etc. I chose that as the time when I would start to lose weight that I needed to lose (was 229lbs at 5ft7) and took the opportunity to switch to a three day, full body template. (1000% Awesome on Jim’s forum).

I’ve since made the best squat and bench gains since my noob gains days and have lost roughly fifteen lbs sinceJune to boot. I put a lot more focus on low back and ab assistance (directly aiding all the bending and twisting at work), as well as DB curls to help with all the bicep strain throughout the day.

I would advise against a lot of high rep work, eating plenty throughout the day, and scheduling your lifting so that you only need to lift minimally during the work week (my week = one work day, “Friday night” and “Sunday” for me).

First few weeks were brutal fatigue wise, but the body adapts as usual. It’ll get easier.

As a long time labor worker, trust me when I say that you will adapt to this change fairly quickly. The human body is amazing at adapting to stress. As far as your training goes, I will echo what the poster above me said about being against a lot of high rep work. If you want more volume in your training, do it “first set last” style.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I’m not a driver, but i do work receiving on a loading dock so i’m breaking down pallets and lifting and carrying boxes of varying sizes and weight.

Other than advice already given i would say took extra time on your warmup, my hips and ankles sometimes get super tight after being used at work all day. Also do farmers walks for conditioning. If you can carry half your bodyweight in each hand for a good distance than whatever you lift at work will seem easy.