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Any Other Compounds

Are there any other compounds besides test cyp that can be prescribed for trt. Been on try for a few months 180mg a wk. just wondering if anything else can be prescribed to help some gains in the gym.

Anything other than Test are steroids. If that’s the route you want yo go, then post on the pharma page.

Maybe he’s talking about how some doctors will prescribe their patients an AI to boost test. But yes, there aren’t any other substances that take the place of testosterone in the US. You won’t be getting Tren, D-bol, or Anadrol for TRT. Other countries may prescribe test enth to patients.

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This part of the forum is dedicated to those needing TRT medicinally. Try the pharma page if you want to take risks and cause permanent issues.

10-4 new at this. Thank you