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Any Online Coaches On Here?

Looking to find a coach, someone who specializes a bit more in bodybuilding and competition. I’m not planning on competing this coming year but would like to at some point in the future.

Tried writing my own program but I do a lot better with having a second opinion.


Paul carter has paid programming with a bad ass app. You can find it on his Instagram. A girl I’m dating started Valkyrie and it’s pretty damn cool.

I don’t have access to a full gym so if anything I’d be able to do his Garage Gangsters but I did look over a sample of his programming for that and it doesn’t have as much back work that I want, because that’s a main goal of mine - to really work on my back.

He does 1 on 1 as well and has a couple spots open unless they’ve been taken. If you send me an email I can give you a way to find the coach I had who’s not only a highly accomplished bodybuilder but has a good track record of coaching.

I did email him and unfortunately I can’t afford his price.
What’s the name of the bodybuilder you had as a coach?

@The_Mighty_Stu is a coach, and a good one from what I have read.


@jshaving will totally vouch for the customer service aspect of the PC experience.


I’m just a beta bitch, or a beta clown…or no, was it a beta bitch with a clown dick…I can’t remember. But so was everyone else on TNation who didn’t use their real name.

Due to impending legal actions I can neither confirm nor deny my support of PC online coaching



Again, I did check into coaching with PC but he’s a little over my price range.

It was a joke, on his part. I hired PC for my mother almost two years ago now, and personally, didn’t have an amazing experience.

Oh wow. I’m sorry to hear that. If you don’t mind me asking, how come? If it’s personal, no pressure!

Hey, sorry, forgot to reply. At one point in time the coach in question was following along with a thread where people were discussing him, and I received an angry email from him because of that thread, a year and a half after our “relationship” had ended, so I don’t want to get too into details simply because I don’t want to deal with all that.

I just didn’t think the communication was great. I felt that there were some misunderstandings over what had been said, and that it was going to be pretty much impossible to come to an understanding due to the attitude that was being held. I’d hired the coach in question to coach, and his then-girlfriend to do the nutrition part of things (Her “skills” were worse than his, his attitude was worse than hers), and I believe along the way they may have broken up. Maybe that played a role in things.

I really liked a lot of the material that he was putting out for a while, and I still like some of what he says, although his stance has switched on a lot of things exercise-related which, combined with his attitude, has alienated a lot of the community. Not that he’s necessarily wrong, but just that it’s a big swing from what he used to be known for. I think a lot of “older” posters or people in the industry were maybe thrown by this. There were also some threads here on TNation where he got into it with several established, credible posters on the site, and where he was also insulting to some other coaches. I think he definitely knows his stuff, and can be a great coach if the situations are right, but my issue is with his attitude, and that plays the biggest role for me. If this coach is reading along with this right now, I hope he doesn’t email me saying he’s going to sue me for libel or slander or whatever he said last time, because I’ve not divulged any specifics, I’ve included just as many positive things to say about him, and another poster specifically asked me a question that I chose to answer.

EDIT: Someone already mentioned it, but @The_Mighty_Stu has trained someone else on the site, and is quite respected on here. Maybe he could point you in the direction of other coaches if he himself isn’t up for it. And maybe @j4gga2 is a trainer? I feel like I’ve seen him talk about online things before but I don’t know that he’s doing it, and he may work more with athletes…please feel free to correct me though, if you see this, man.

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Hey man, I do work as a coach but OP’s goal definitely isn’t my wheelhouse. I work mostly with athletes at the high school and pro-am level.

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I was trained by Stu. You and others might know he’s my close friend. Did you ever see my contest thread? He trained others here too.

For others here, this is what I got done with his coaching.