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Any One Tried The V-Diet With ECA

I’ve decided to try the Velocity diet with an ECA stack. Anyone else try this? I’ve started with a 25/200/300 twice a day, and tomorrow I plan on going 3x a day, next day 4x and stop there. Just curious on your thoughts.

Repeated use of E and C tends to fry my adrenals.

I believe aspirin may actually be counter-productive in such a stack.

If ECA would have worked well with the Velocity Diet then I would have suggested using it. It does not, so I didn’t. Mainly, it’s going to do nothing to help with muscle preservation. Also, as noted above, no one has used “A” for years in fat loss stacks. I think that went out with HMB.

Aspirin is unneccessary unless you’re obese. I don’t know how EC wouldn’t help. Appetite suppression, increased metabolism, and I believe it does have some muscle sparing properties, but I’d have to look into that.

Also, start low. I see that you started with twice a day. There’s no need to go above three times aday. There’s no added bonus.

I’ll try to find a better reference, but it does preserve lbm.

Sorry for the multiple posts, it’s slow at work and I don’t have internet usage at home right now. Also, not trying to start an arguement or any such thing, just not sure why EC is being dismissed.

Thanks for the advice