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Any one interested in Biotest accepting PayPal?

I have been talking with Biotest Customer Service about alternate payment methods and thought that it would be great if they would accept PayPal. I try to avoid using Credit Cards whenever possible and PayPal allows me to pay direct from my bank account without any fees. Customer Service said they would consider it, if he demand was there, but I am the first to ask. I am curious how many of you would pay via PayPal if you could?

In faith,

I would! I just never took the time to ask.

Just get a check card.

I wouldnt.

Go ahead and send me the money and I will order it for you.

I can’t get a check card, my checking account is a business account and the bank won’t issue check cards on business accounts apparently! I already tried that.

In faith,

It can’t be that big of a deal to do it. The guy who runs my football pool set it up so we could pay our ante via paypal.

I am all for it.

I think it’s a good idea. I don’t keep much money in my paypal account, so I would probably never use that method. From a business perspective it would probably be wise move.

The company I buy my Biotest supplements from (when Biotest isn’t running the 2 for 2 sale hint hint) accepts PayPal.

Count me in on the “2 thumbs up” for using paypal.

Thanks for speaking up, I pointed the thread out to customer service, though I don’t know if a handful of people will cause action, but at least they know there is interest…

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