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Any one have Nextel c-phone service?

How’s the service? I’ve been using Verizon for a long time, and have no experience with Nextel. Any comments?

I’ll bump that, I’m interested in their services too. Anyone got some experience with them?

I heard not so great stories although I never used it myself. My brother uses T-Mobile, and I use Sprint.

don’t have it but the comment i have is…I CAN"T STAND that damn beep sound they make!There two-way patent is up real soon and ALLTEL is sitting ready to launch its service. My friend is an Alltel agent. Look for price wars soon …

I’ve had mine for about 8mos now and couldn’t be happier. Their customer service is great and so are their plans/reception service. I have free nights & weekends, ALL INCOMING is free, unlimited free direct connect, no roaming and 700 day time for 80 bucks/mo. Plus their direct connect is going to be Nation Wide as of July 1.

can you hear me now?