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Any one ever have ingrown toe nails?

I had minor surgery monday afternoon for ingrown toe nails, on both of my big toes. I think I’m gonna be stuck in bed, with my feet up for almost 2 weeks. I can’t stand this. They were infected for like 3 weeks, but I didnt know, because the infection was under the toe nails and it didnt hurt until a few days before my dr. appointment.

Anyways, the doctor comes in the room, and the look on her face when she saw them told me enough. I guess it was pretty bad (I swear it didnt look bad at all, it didnt even hurt). The doctor proceeds to spray my toes with some sort of cold liquid to numb them, for the noviacaine (sp?) shots. Well, she went to town with that cold stuff, then shot me up with the novicaine. She took about 20 minutes to cut my toes up, chop the nails up and clean it out, bandaged me up, prescribe some antibiotics and that was it. Tueseday morning when I woke up, when the novicaine wore off, it was the worst pain I have ever felt, ever (I remember years ago having a d class model rocket engine ignite in my closed hand, card board around it removed. Melted skin, first, second and third degree burns on the hand, us dumb kids, lol. This made that feel like a pin prick). I got up looking for alcohol, or my bros. weed stash to numb the pain, neither of which I could find (the pain was so intense tylenol and over 1000mg of ibuprofen didn’t do a thing). So after a half day of agony the pain slowly subsided and I removed the bandages so I could soak my feet. Holy shit. I had ditches on the sides of my toes, where the nails were cut out, like 1/2 inch deep. Filled with silver nitrate, that turns it all black. It was gross.

Now that still looks bad, they’re still a little painful and the skin all around is turning dark brown. I can’t tell if it’s bruised, if its dead infected skin, or if its frostbite from that cold stuff she was spraying on me. The skin has feeling and its not really painful, so I think (hope) its just bruising. Either way I’m seeing the doc. again tomorrow. My brother had this done like 5 yrs ago, and it was nothing like this. My mother is an RN, she thinks something doesnt look right. Has anyone else had this done, or know anyone who has? Did it turn out like described above? I’m tempted to just go to an er. Everyone is talking about blood and bone infections, and getting toes chopped off, and how luck I am. This really fuckin blows…

Man something is wrong, I had a partial nail avulsion(sp?) about 2 years ago where they essentially permanently shorten the width of the nail due to continued infections by cutting down the nail, under the skin at the base then using acid to damage the root so it wont grown back at that spot. I was surprised at how little pain I had, seriously I bought codeine etc and planned time off work etc - didnt even need to take pain killers!! Maybe I was lucky but then again…maybe you werent…sorry mate. I went and saw a podiatrist who did it, if you saw a GP maybe thats where you went wrong

My big toes are slightly ingrown and have caused me pain over the years. I finally learned the proper way to clip them to help reduce them from becoming so ingrown that surgery would be required. They still bother me sometimes. If I kick a ball or accidentally hit my foot against something, the pain is intense. I’m lucky that I haven’t had to have surgery. I had a friend who had this done many years ago, and she said it was painful and couldn’t walk for a few days, but I don’t think she had an experience quite like yours. I would definitely see a podiatrist about. You could have something wrong. Then again, it could be normal. It’s just like when people have their wisdom teeth pulled out. I had no problem with it and had all four teeth pulled at once, while I was awake with a local anesthetic. But I’ve heard horror stories with other people. So maybe you’re just one of those “other” people that had the bad experience. But go get it checked to be safe!

I had the same procedure Martin did. I was able to walk back to work from my doctor immediately after. I did not have any of the problems you are describing. I also haven’t had an ingrown nail since then.

Hey man… I empathize with ya.

I’ve had an ingrown toenail on the big toe when I was around 12. Hurt like holy hell.

But, the surgery was quick relatively painless and I recovered fairly fast.

Your situation is definitely not like the one I had.

You might want to get another doctor to look at it.

Who knows, it might be nothing, but why take the chance?

My first question is if they didn’t hurt and you couldn’t tell that they were ingrown why did you believe your doctor? I am not saying that she wrongfully diagnosted you, but I really have to question if this surgery was neccessary. Next, .5 inches on the side of your toes (if that is a correct number not significantly influence by swelling) means that she did a SHITTY job, there is absoluty no reason why the incisions should have been even close to this deep. And finnaly, I think you could be having an alergic reaction, go back to the doctor, A DIFFERENT ONE, and see what is up, you might see if you could get some prednisone to relieve some of the swelling, which is mostlikely causing you all the pain. Also, if your toes heat up, be sure to get them checked out again, as this is a sure sign of infection. Best of luck and I would seriously consider finding a different doctor.