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Any One Else on Crestor (other Statin Drugs)


When I got my blood work for TRT, my doc noted I had high Cholesterol that wasn't being controled by my diet or exersie. Probably the result of hiretity and a high stress job. My Cholesterol was 230 when my doc made note of it.

I have had high Cholesterol for years. It has fulucated wildly. At one point I was on another statin, but I had liver issues, so I was taken off. I then got it under control with fishoil and garlic.

Now, since he was going to put me on TRT my doc wants to make sure my Cholesterol is in check, thus the Crestor. I told him about my prior liver issues with Statins, but he reasured me by saying he was only going to put me on 10mg and he also told me he is on it too.

So far, so good. My Cholesterol is in check and liver seems okay.

Anyone else on Crestor or other Statin? Anything I should know about these drugs? Any negitive impacts from a TRT standpoin?


The drugs are pretty bad for you, I read into them and would never take them.

From the reading I have done it all sounds like it is a scam, big money in the statin industry.

read the articles in the links below and decide for yourself.

I personally would never touch the stuff, they can cause all nasty diseases and by the sounds of it all, cholesterol is not the major killer made out to be.

if you have low grade inflammation along with high cholesterol then it becomes a problem as build up can happen. So would be good to get c-reactive checked.

My cholesterol was higher and only after 3 weeks I dropped it down by 25% by eating no sugar and a lower carb diet. I now eat normally and have apple cider after every meal. Will see the results of this in January.

VTballa mentioned the body could be making more raw materials if low test or other hormones are an issue. It does make sense as something in the chain could be broken and the body trying to compensate.

I highly recommend reading the articles and decide for yourself.



I am on 5 mg of Crestor. Why are you on 10? Start smaller. Originally I was on 2.5 , I cut the 5s in half. My total Cholestrol on 2.5 was 150, but my good cholesterol was stubbornly low so we raised it to 5. Now I'm good. Never had a liver issue with it.
I tested my C reactive and HScRP and that showed moderate inflammation, with the Crestor I have no inflammation.

I agree with the other poster about Statins, its not the Cholesterol that kills you, its the inflammation. Statins have an anti inflammatory effect and thats very good.

There is good evidence that shows a LOW DOSE statin to be very beneficial


I think anyone that agrees to take a statin should have their head examined...and the doctor pushing them to it should be hung out to dry...like Iroc said, the whole lipid industry is one of the biggest scams Big Pharma has pulled off to date...the fact that they can get EVERY SINGLE lab to agree to make 200 the cuttoff for "high cholesterol" should speak volumes about their meddling and influence...

What is your diet like?

Do you exercise, or go home and sit in front of a tv all evening?

Are your other hormones in check?

Independent of Total CHOL, how is your HDL and LDL?

I love cholesterol...it turns into testosterone!

If for some reason you can't bring yourself to get off this toxic medicine, at least make sure you are taking COQ10...


Thanks for the feedback on this. Looks like I have some research to do on this. I'm glad I asked.


Id love to get off the Statin. I just started a very low carb diet so I will see how that goes. But to be honest, its not the cholesterol Im worried about, its the CRP that was high (inflammation) thats what scares me


fish oil, exercise, vitamin D


I just starred fish oil. Im doing 1000mg vitamin D daily. My blood test was low at 25

I have a fatty liver that I'm trying to correct. 2 years ago on ultrasound it showed Moderate to Severe Fatty Lover with mild enlargement. I cut out all alcohol and redid the test last year and it was simply mild fatty liver, no mention of enlargement.

So I want to get the lipids in order before I withdraw the Crestor completely. I read somewhere that Statins can help reverse fatty liver.

Im also doing a very low carb diet keeping it under 100 grams a day



A good article read by a surgeon and his findings.


That was a good article. What is his solution for reducing low grade inflammation though?

I am tempted to just stop the Crestor completely right now and check my numbers in a month,
Im worried that stopping the Crestor will make my fatty liver worse, and also the low grade inflammation (CRP)


You probably need to be taking about 6,000 iu (not mg) /day of Vitamin D if your values were low...

If you are taking stains, be sure to include COQ10 as this can be greatly reduced by the statins (Im not sure why)


I just checked, the D pills I take are 1000 IU, so I will take 6 a day now and get retested.

Im seriously thinking about stopping the Statin for a month to see what happens to me levels. Im doing a very low carb, high fat diet right now, I'm worried that my cholesterol will go through the roof without the statin though.


Good read on CRP:


They are recommending the mediterian diet though high in fruits and veggies, low in fats and meats. It seems that either way, the carbs are the problem, so a low carb diet is the way to, but the question is should it be low carb high fat ?


Could read here to see what causes inflammation and how to reduce it.


If your total cholesterol is high I don't think that should be the main concern, your CRP should be.
Trigs are probably more important than total cholesterol to monitor. Along with good HDL levels.

Put it this way, if you stop the statin your values might look bad, but your body will thank you for it. As VT mentioned CoQ10 is a must when on statins. I have read that in a lot of articles and they all stress this.

The way I see it, keep CRP in check with good Vitamin D supply, less stress a good diet and exercise which should help.

The interesting thing to note is that people's cholesterol reduced the most when on low carb higher fat diet, than on lower carb and lower fat diets. But is this really necessary to have cholesterol in range, if we disregard the crap then NO.

Sugar apparently is the worst thing for the body. Fat is metabolized much more efficiently and healthier than sugar. So if you can minimize simple sugars or eliminate all together.

Read up on Apple Cider after meals especially if they contain carbs. It apparently helps to lower the GI index of that particular food by up to 40%.

What was your CRP and range?


MY CRP before the Statins and the diet was 3.8 I believe (low range of high)
Now on the Statin its under 1


CRP value can differ depending if your body was maybe fighting something at the time?

If I was you I would stop the statin and give it a try without and see how you go.


Yes thats what I am doing, beginning today. I feel more confident doing this now since I eliminated all the sugars and processed foods, and am consuming less then 100 gr of carbs a day now. I will retest in a month.
When I was on no statin, eating badly, my total cholesterol was in the 220 area. The good cholesterol was always stubbornly low at 35.
Now iv added fish oil in the mix, so I'm hoping that makes a difference.

But the wild card here is the TRT which I read can raise cholesterol. I wasn't on TRT back then I tested 220. Hopefully that won't have too much of a negative effect


What, you were 220 total Cholesterol and already they put you on a statin? WTF

I was at 250, at 220 you have nothing to worry about. I read somewhere that levels would have to be 750 for cholesterol to do those nasties they talk about.

in 3 weeks I went from 250 to 190 on a low carb diet. Had no sugar at all and only oats in the morning. Be prepared to lose a lot of weight and have a lot less energy.

Some say higher cholesterol levels while on TRT while others have said it has improved their cholesterol profile.

I can see how it can improve cholesterol numbers if the chain is broken in your system.


LOL yea, 220. But he said he was doing it because of the ratio of good to bad cholesterol. My trigs were always around 150. Last month my trigs came back at 450! I retested 3 days latter and it was 150, so I assume a lab error.

You are right! I have a hell of a lot less energy on this diet! I feel really tired and have trouble doing my workouts. I been on this almost 2 weeks. Dropped 10 pounds already.

I was doing to the Oats in the morning but they have a lot of carbs don't they? I was told Id be better with an egg and cheese omelette. What do you think?

WOW 190 from 250 in 3 weeks!!!!! Nice. I was 240 now I'm 230. 190 would be perfect. I don't want to loose too much too fast though, I have a fatty liver and I read that rapid weight loss can make it worse.

Yea I cut all sugars other then the natural sugars I get in fruit like an apple etc.

What did you usually do for lunch and dinner?