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Any One Doing LAT Training?


Is it any good?


Yes, I sometimes train my lats.


NO, No need to train them dude dont be a fool. Just push your arms way out when u walk and give the illusion of having MONSTER LATS, without training them brah, just bench brah, o curls too. O yeah and ab machine


Beat me to it. ILS, the skinny guy's solution to working his back.


ILS to me makes people look like they have zero back. When you prop your arms up and forward, it rounds your upper back and the traps disappear. God it loooks soooo horrible


I like my latte with my machiato.


Damn, the BB forum is fucking retarded...Evander Holyfield retarded


lol...I think I'll be nice and help the OP out here for those who didn't read the articles last week:



...but even then, still a retarded thread...as if anyone would be able to comment on something they just started doing last week...



what's retarded is everyone assumed he was taking about his latissimus dorsi. Like the capitalization of "LAT" wasn't a give away that it was an acronym.


I knew what he was talking about. I just wanted to make a holyfield analogie


Or what's more retarded is your assumption that everyone who talked about lats weren't being sarcastic...


So true !.. My bad, i forgot the BB forum was a place of derailment and useless bicker. You could at least attempt to help or make known your lack of knowledge and your inability to contribute on the topic at hand, along with being sarcastic :slightly_smiling: ... see what i did there? ...i criticized the bickering by bickering myself... genius !




What is LAT an acronym for?


yeah sorry i should of said Leverage Alteration Training instead of LAT as most would mistake it for the LAT muscle. my bad!


Why would someone train lats? Sounds retarded to be completely honest, and a waste of time. I want to be in the gym as little as possible, training something like my back would be silly, girls don't like big muscles.