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Any of You Tried 2-a-Day Training?

I’ve been thinking about doing 2 sessions a day. My next cycle I will try a custom template. Where I would only do the main work in my AM session. Then all of the accessory work in a PM session.

Bench: 5x5/3/1
Squat: 5/3/1 + PR + Widowmaker @ FSL
Push Press: ramp up to 3-5@TM
Deadlift 5s Pro + 3x5/3/1

My thoughts are

  1. Coach Thib’s philosophy on training by neural type is interested. I am a type 1A and according to his studies that type does really well on 2 a days. I respect his work, to me it’s worth a shot.
  2. it should aid in recovery
  3. gym is busy AF in the evening (finding and keeping plates is a massive pain in the ass) so it would be nice to be in and out after 30 minutes.
  4. cuz i get bored easily and like to try different things
  5. in the grand scheme of things, what could go wrong? not a damn thing
  6. what could go right? I recover like a champ

Curious to see what yalls’ thoughts and opinions are. Especially if you have tried 2 a day using 5/3/1 programming.

I say if it works for your schedule you can’t go wrong if you do it properly. Just try not to do more than you normally would if it was all on the same day. For example two quality 30 minute workouts are probably better than a not so great 60 minute one in a crowded gym. I would occasionally try to do it all in a single session though just to see how you handle it. You don’t want to end up in a situation where your so used to working out for 30 minutes you can’t handle anything longer.

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2-a-day training is different from training twice a week…

Thanks for taking the time to reply though

This is probably never something I would do as in my situation I feel I would spend more total time at the gym and gym related activities if I lifted twice a day. And my personality type prefers to get it all done in one shot and move on. However, your post has peaked my interest.

Maybe a way to further improve recovery would be to do a different supplemental lift than a main lift. For example do 5x5/3/1 in the morning for Bench and then in the afternoon simply work up to a Widowmaker set for the Squat. That would be a particularly quick training session in the afternoon. On the other hand does a Widowmaker lose some of the merits of doing it if you do not do it in a fatigued state after the squat main work?

The above is just one example, but those are the kinds of questions I would be asking when building my programming for training 2 times a day.