Any of the Old Guys Here?

Cortes? George? Saps? BBB?

Anyone from the football forum? Been quite a while since I’ve been around here.

Forum related- What’s everyone around here running right now?

I’m just on prescribed TRT at the moment.

Im new to the game, 4 weeks into test enth, 600 mg wk 8 weeks to go.
Im new to the forums, but hello none the less. How old are you if you don’t mind my asking? How low were your counts to get prescribed?

Check in from time to time with random posts. Most of what can be said was said in the old posts and discussions, people just never seem to read them, time cant be wasted retyping previously discussed topics just because new guys cant “read so good”.

Running mod Test/high tren, growth.

Ahhh the football forum. That’s a while back. I stop in and lurk. Post very little. Open forums are really a useful tool, and then there comes a point in time where they aren’t so much. Halfway through a test/deca/eq/dbol run, with ghrp and mod grf starting soon.