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Any Nutrition Certifications?

So I’ve seen numerous threads on certifications for Personal trainers and strength coaches, but are there any certifications a person can work toward as far as nutrition?? I’m greatly interested in the nutritional aspect of training and would love to be accredited as such.

Certified Clinical Nutritionist

do these certified nutritionists preach that fat is bad and whole grains are the savior of mankind ?

It is a cert. that can be taken by anyone who meets their appropriate credentials, I will be sitting for this exam next november after I complete my masters in nutrition this summer.

The program I am in geared toward the clinical aspect in nutrition and involves classes like pain and inflammation, drug induced nutrient depletion, pharmacognsy - it is basically like the pharmacological properties of herbs, nutrition and athletes, dietary assessment using blood work.

It is a new program so it has a bunch of kinks in it but it stays pretty close to much of what is said in more cutting edge nutritional ideas. The class that has graduated before me has some fairly intelligent people and had took the exam but I cannot speak for all of them.

It is not like an RD, but then again any certification will have both good and bad people involved with it.

Im a Dietitian “I know”, but as far as certifications being an RD you can get a CSSD (Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics) but thats only if your an RD, which takes a BS and than an internship, and a lot of the info they teach is the same old crap the ADA preachers (carbs and portion control for everyone!!!)

But if you do keep up to date on new cutting edge sports nutrition info, than a CSSD would make you more “reputable”.

As far as non RD credentials Im not to positive, but make sure its a reputable certification cause there are some out there that are just ridiculous, like a weekend seminar.

If your really into the sports nutrition, I’d advice against the RD route and go with some kind of exercise physiology type undergrad degree, a CSCS, and a certification from the International Society of Sports Nutrition, than you would be well rounded in exercise biomechanics and sports nutrition. just my 2 cents

Most of the certifications for nutrition require some serious schoolin’

I think ISSA has one.