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Any not so satisfied people here?

It seems that everybody around here is 220 lbs @ 4 % bf and still increasing lbm while further leaning. Is there anybody who is not satisfied with the progress, be it gaining mass or losing fat? Anybody who tried almost everything, sticking to proper diet and exercise and still not having satisfying results? Stuck at a plateau gaining or losing and not knowing what to do? Having insane carb cravings that keep them from goal due to excessive weekend overeating? Please, share your experience… if any… tnx.

Sasa, I don’t think anyone here is 220 4% bodyfat. Everyone likes to think they are because no one on this board has ever seen them to call them a liar. I don’t know my bodyfat percentage, and I’m sure most people who post it don’t know it or just lie about it. I’m 6 ft, 205 lbs, and in the right light, if I suck in my gut and flex my abs, I kind of have a “2-pack.” So I’ll say I’m uh, 6%. It’s all bs. No one is really satisfied with their body, and that’s why we workout. If we ever were satisfied, then there would be nothing to strive for. We could all be a tad leaner, or a tad bigger, etc. etc. You’re probably in the majority rather than the minority. Just keep working man, and maybe you’ll be the first “true” 220 at 4%.

Yeah…i would like to drop done to 7-8%bf
My bench sucks big time 225 for 5 reps…
and i can do the same weight on close grip bench…i think my triceps are strong ,but somthing else missing???
I am 5’8" 180lbs …happy with my weight.

I’m sick of being at this plateau for the past year. I’m stuck at about 150lbs. Gotten somewhat stronger, but not enough. I’ve tried everything, i eat plenty, change my workout alot. I don’t know, maybe its just not in the cards for me. My dad was the same way, he never got heavier than 150, though he was eventually able to bench 300. If i can do that i will be happy. I’m about to start training Westside style, we’ll see how it goes.


Sasa, not sure if you started the thread because you are one of the unsatisfied, just curious or trying to get all the troubled T-bruthas in a boat to support each other. Either way, I think it’s a good post. I’m sure it’s a well-known fact that T-Brutha Timbo is one unsatisfied SB…but, despite frustration and stagnation in the past, I’m confident and determined to continue on in my journey. I’d love to share my story or part of it anyway, but I don’t think it’s all that important right now to write the novel and dwell on the past.

I’m quite sure that almost nobody on this site is fully satisfied with their progress (including me). Take a look at the steroid side and you have your answer. I’m 5’10". I thought if I could hit ~180#@10% I’d look pretty decent but I’m up to 187#@10% and think I look like a smooth stick most of the time. This doesn’t match reality. I’m not that big but I’m definitely not a stick. Self image is a bitch.

well, personally i’m pretty satified with what i have done to my body in the last two years. I certainly have not reached what i want to thought. i have gone from a fatass, strong lineman in highschool…weight about 240 and could bench 360 when i gratuated…but that is not what i wanted to be like. So here i am a two years later. i wieght 180, really do have 9% bf-just had it checked. Unfortunatly i have lost a lot of strength, but hell i got my whole life to continue on the quest. i think what is important is to have goals. it does not matter too much if you are satified with there way you look right now - someday you will be, but then your goals will just change and you will wanna get either bigger or stronger or whatever… Personally i workout beacause i NEED disapline in my life to keep a clear head about things… i need it to give me the confidence to overcome any damn thing want to. And it sure as hell does.

"Its not the kill....It is the trill of the chase."

I’ve been lifting for about 6 years now. My current stats are 5’6", 175# at 10-11% bf (measured regularly with a three-site).
The good: I look a hell of a lot better than I did 6 years ago. Chicks check me out and I’m banging a hottie.
The bad: I’ve been lifting for size and vascularity for the entire 6 years, so my strength is pathetic. My 1 rm max is 220 on the bench, I can only do 14 med grip pronated pullups with bodyweight, and I’ve been using 225 for 8 - 10 reps to failure on squat.
The ugly: I’ve been stuck at 155# lbm for about 3 years. Recently I made it to about 157# lbm. Although I know what I’m doing with diet and lifting, and even though I take supplements, I’m pretty much stuck where I am right now.
The plan: With my current positive attitude I intend to redouble my efforts with a version of the BTS workout/supplement/diet program presented in response to a reader’s letter in the current issue 159.

powerlifting progress always comes slower than i like. five pounds here and there, mostly less. If I could deadlift 600 pounds before i stopped being a junior, i’d be happier.

Ive gained about 30 pounds of muscle in the last 3 years. Im now about 230 at 10% BF and im no where near satisfied. I think ive got that bigorexia shit that people talk about. The only time i think im big is when i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and i dont realize its me. People tell me im huge but i dont think so. ill only be happy when im huge.

I’ve had many ups and downs. Times where I did think I looked good, and times when I felt and looked crappy. Currently, I feel good and bad. I feel good because my strength is coming back quickly and is almost better than it ever has been. But at the same time, I’ve gained too much weight and look crappy. I’ve always wanted to be bigger and everyone is always saying, “You should gain weight, you should get bigger.” Well, I did gain weight, and I look worse. I have such a small frame and short torso, that when I gain, I don’t look good. I look my best when I stay lean. So my mission is to keep my strength and possibly continue to increase it while I get leaner. Some of us just weren’t meant to be big. And I’ve gotten more compliments when I was leaner. Ultimately, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be truly satisfied with my body. As my expectations are much higher than I could possible hope to accomplish. But that only helps motivate me to constantly strive to be the best I can be and work hard to accomplish what I think is possible.

Hmmm, only Jeff McCarrell and Cy Willson fit into your 220@4% category, and I haven’t seen Jeff since March, so if he’s eaten some desserts since then…who knows, but he’s a truly huge and strong mutha.
I’m in a different boat than many of you; having lifted for the greater part of the last 30 years (with a chunk of the '70s off for bad behavior)it’s only in the last decade or so I’ve been consistently serious. Currently I’m 5’10 1’2" at about 210-215 pounds (haven’t weighed myself in a week or so and I’m currently on the way up). Last winter I was up to 223# for a while, came down to 200# earlier this spring. Lean: no way, not to my eye. Abs barely beginning to come in; had full six pack last summer, but will get there again in July. Currently training for a strongman competition the end of June so needless to say I’m working hard on cardio events but not trying to lose any weight. Overall, my progress is good, and I’m realistic about it at my age (46), but since I don’t think of myself nor act that age, sure, I get frustrated at times.
Hey Goldberg, we don’t know each other, do we? There’s a guy in my gym with your stats who has that vanity plate on his 'Vette.

i don’t think any of us are ever satisfied…that’s what makes us T-Men and T-Vixens.

I have many impersonaters running around pretending to be me. jk. Thats not me. I drive a Ford Ranger. I wish i drove a vette.